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FILTER: Questions and Complaints #15: “You’re using all these terms i don’t understand!”

Don’t know your SERP from your SEO? Can’t understand the terminology on your traffic report? The world of SEO is full of technical jargon that could overwhelm anybody wanting to break into the industry. That’s why has come up with a

READ ON Questions and Complaints #14: What is a ‘Call to Action’ and Why Do I Need One?

So you have a fantastic website design, enticing content, and fast-loading pages, but you’re just not getting any leads – where’s the gap? You may have failed to include that all-important yet often overlooked ‘call to action’ (CTA). Often

READ ON Questions and Complaints #13: What is the Benefit of Hiring an SEO Agency?

If you have a business with a website, you may already be aware of the importance of search engine rankings. A spot on the first page of Google has become the Holy Grail of internet marketing, because this dream will be far from reality for millions

READ ON Customer Complaints & Questions #12 – Activation Emails – Why Am I Getting These?

Every business wants maximum exposure online, and one of the best ways to garner that opportunity is to promote your business via local authority business directories. Not only will your business receive greater visibility among others, but local se

READ ON Customer Complaints & Questions #11: Why Is My Google Places Map ‘In Review?’

More and more people are searching for businesses online than any other way, so it’s important that your local business listing can be easily found on Google Maps. If you haven’t already tapped into this opportunity, it’s essential that you do

READ ON Customer Complaints & Questions #10 – Enterprise SEO

”I’m a small business. Do you just focus on the big guys or is there something for us?” We recently completed an article on Enterprise SEO, talking about how we service top tier companies. As a result, we thought it was only right to explain ho

READ ON Customer Complaints & Questions #9 – New to SEO

"I have never done SEO before. What do I need to know?” We get a multitude of customers here at that are new to the field of SEO. Teaching and guiding customers through their first experiences in SEO is something we love to do – it was

READ ON Customer Complaints & Questions #7 – Coming From a Competitor

"My last provider couldn't deliver on ‘X’ – I want you to deliver” In a service business like ours, there is always going to be clients moving from company to company looking to get better results after unsatisfactory performances.  We alway

READ ON Customer Questions & Complaints #6 – Google Updates

”What is a Google update and how do they impact my website?” A Google Update is something that Google regularly rolls out throughout the year to improve their search results. It’s essentially a bunch of changes they have made to their algorithm

READ ON Customer Complaints & Questions #5 – Google Local

“I can’t see my Google Local pin on the map – where is it? If you are undertaking Google Local services with us, you will no doubt be regularly checking to see if your local pin is showing up on the first page in your favourite keyword searches

READ ON Customer Complaints & Questions #4 – Ranking New Websites

"I have a brand new website and want some quick results – now!”  We hear you! We don’t call ourselves Return On Investment for nothing, and will get to work to ensure your new website begins generating traffic as soon as possible.  Before we

READ ON Complaints and Questions # 3: My Keywords Aren’t Relevant to My Business

How to ensure the keywords we identify for your campaign match your business operations Keywords are a fundamental element of any successful SEO campaign. When you first sign up with, your allocated account manager will research the highe

READ ON Complaints and Questions # 2: My Content doesn’t talk enough about my business

What you need to know when reviewing the SEO content we provide One of the most crucial parts in setting up an SEO campaign is the introduction of targeted keywords. Finding a list of relevant terms that users regularly search is what helps us to dri

READ ON Complaints and Questions # 1: Why does analytics say my traffic has dropped to 0?!

This post is part of an complaints and questions diagnosis section which are delivered by clients across This is a very common complaint we receive at and is usually one of the easiest to addr