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2015 Real Estate Marketing Trends – Australia



Since turning 40, I find myself unknowingly drawing parallels to times gone by.  In the digital industry that usually means reflecting on how things were 3 months ago.

When it comes to the Internet and real estate times are changing fast, as consumers and the next generation of home buyers are “information hungry” to assist them in making one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

In the past 12 months, we have seen a significant fragmentation in how Australians use the Internet to buy real estate. This creates a great opportunity for innovative real estate agencies to create a point of difference in a crowded marketplace.

 The data in this article and our white paper shows there is an unrivalled opportunity in 2015 for:

  1. Digitally savvy real estate sales professionals to add more value than ever before.
  2. Vendors to spend less on their real estate marketing schedules whilst driving up the sale price of their property.
  3. Innovative real estate agencies to win market share by challenging “convention” in a changing marketplace.

Global and local research indicates that most of us spend 6-12 months researching and viewing real estate, before we buy.  On this basis; we developed the following digital engagement model within a typical real estate buying cycle.


Buying Stage Consumer Digital Engagement Websites/ Apps

Surf major real estate sites

Visit Interior design sites & apps & App & App

Houzz App

Magic Plan App


Develop shortlist of houses & areas

Profile potential agents

Monitor sales results in areas &

Agent sites

Active Buyers

Visit inspection pages agent sites


Email newsletter engagement


Check median prices


Suburb profiles


Visit mortgage & lending sites


Specific google search on properties


Multiple visits to agent sites & apps & apps


Agent sites


Around me app


Comm bank property guide app


Repeat visits to agent listing page


Repeat visits to agent profile page


Google search history on address


Price comparisons to recent sales

Agent sites


Sales data on


Around me app


School, transport & child care sites


The latest trends are also showing us:

  • and continue to dominate the online listing space.
  • is making up some ground on with the increased popularity of their mobile app.
  • The rise of real estate information sites like
  • The traffic to major real estate agent websites in Australia is strong.
  • Print publications like the struggle to gain traction online.



Want to access all the data and read what this means for vendors and agents? Rread our White Paper – 2015 Australia’s Real Estate Marketing Trends. Enter your details at the top of this page and download our white paper now.