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Top Five Underrated Twitter Tools

Bitly Bitly is more than just a link-shortening service. You can also see the stats for any Bitly links you share. As an added bonus, you can even create your own custom short domain to match your brand so you can have your own message or branding

READ ON reviews #10: Dominder

The all-in-one solution to manage your websites Let’s say you’re a large business with hundreds of registered domains – how do you monitor them all? How do you check for downtime or whether your domain hasn’t been blacklisted? And what abou

READ ON reviews #9: SlideShare

60 million reasons why you should get onto SlideShare It’s a marketer’s dream – a crowded site with a highly targeted audience and low competition. However, this is a reality for many savvy marketers, and it’s all thanks to SlideShare. With

READ ON review on Boomerang for Gmail

It’s only a question of time for Google’s new application With emails constantly flooding from morning until night, and alerts about meetings or important tasks going off throughout the day, it’s a mild annoyance at best and can disrupt your w

READ ON review on iOS 7

Apple’s latest move to end its reliance on Google services Earlier this week, Apple announced a number of new products to be released later this year, including the highly anticipated iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This announcement couldn

READ ON Tool Review #7: cognitiveSEO

As any link analyst or SEO engineer will tell you, constantly checking the rankings and performance of a website is extremely time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if the SEO community was given a one-of-a-kind tool that would make their lives eas

READ ON Tool Review #6: Acquisio

When you need a PPC performance marketing platform that effectively tracks your campaigns and reports, provides day-to-day management, automation, optimisation and more, then Acquisio is for your business. As the industry’s leading developer of

READ ON Tool Review #5: SEOChat Code-to-Text Ratio

What is code-to-text ratio? In basic terms, this is a measurement of the amount of code programmed on a page versus the text content on said page. When more code is on the page, the search engine ‘spiders’ are less likely to pick up the text, wh

READ ON Tool Review #4: Klout

Throw out your dog-eared copy of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie – in this technological day and age, that’s not going to help you in determining your online influence. Whether you’re subscribing to the concept

READ ON Tool Review #3: HootSuite

As any digital marketer worth their weight in SEO knows, social media has almost taken over genuine human interaction - almost. Increasing engagement with potential and current customers through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms is s

READ ON Tool Review #2: Screaming Frog

How using Screaming Frog will make your life better As digital marketers, many of us have our own area of expertise that forms part of a bigger picture. From content writers to account managers to SEO specialists, everyone plays their part in puttin

READ ON Tool Review #1: Spotlight on Google Docs

Is it really the be all and end all? In the world of digital marketing it pays to be at the forefront of online technology, and these days it is all about cloud storage; being able to save documents and files online for easier access just about anyw


Why Bing is Better – Bing Webmaster Tools v Google Webmaster Tools

Bing’s new version of Webmaster Tools has been in operation for just over a week now, and the reception has been amazing. In the past Bing has had its fair share of critics when it came to Webmaster Tools functions, with its competitor Google enjoy

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Don't rush into buying paid SEO tools Getting to the top of Google’s first page is a long process in most industries, so any legitimate shortcut or time saver should be carefully considered – if it delivers a return on your investment and doesn

READ ON Top Ten: Free Tools for SEO

Must-have tools for SEO professionals We’ve already published a Top Ten on Firefox plugins and one on the best SEO plugins for Wordpress, so this list won’t be featuring any of those previously mentioned plugins – giving you a broader range of

READ ON Top Ten: SEO Plugins for Firefox

These SEO plugins will help you create a more efficient SEO campaign Here's a list of plugins that will make your SEO campaign easier to manage. Plugins are a really useful way of checking various elements of your SEO campaign are working correctly,

READ ON Top Ten: WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress relies on plugins to make it so SEO friendly If you want to get the most from your WordPress blog or website in terms of generating organic Google traffic, then installing the best available plugins to assist your SEO campaign is very impor