Top web design trends of 2018


If you’re planning on creating or updating your website anytime soon, check out our top 8 tips below for some inspiration that could modernise your site’s overall look.



1. Brighter colours

Big, bright and beautiful is the name of the game!

Be prepared for more garish colours to make an appearance on websites.

Citrus colours should be more prevalent, while a general pop art theme should generally be popular.

web design trend bright colours



2. More animations and gifs

It’s the gif that keeps on giving!

It’s no surprise that videos have overtaken on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Be ready to see something similar on websites, where moving components will be a staple on every site, whether or not you click on anything.




3. The rise of hand drawn elements

Gone are the days of having clean cut graphics that look like they’ve come out of a factory assembly line.

Websites are taking on a more human approach in their design.

So while the overall mechanisms of the site may be becoming more complex, this will be balanced with handrawn icons and perhaps even written text littered throughout.


web design trend hand drawing



4. The rise of typography

Carefully thought out typography based on graphic design elements are sure to be prevalent on all websites.

Expect to see simple imagery that’s pretty much only placed there to make the text stand out (not the other way around).


web design trend typography



5. Geometric elements in typefaces as well as interfaces.

In this digital age where content saturates the online world, originality is king.

Be prepared for unusual layouts that follow geometrical shapes (i.e. lots of angles and lines jutting out from every which way).

We can’t really describe it, but it’ll look something like this.

web design trend geometric shapes



6. Conversational UI (conversational commerce)

You’ve probably noticed those messenger boxes pop up when you enter a site with some a random man asking if he can help you out.

You won’t actually get an instant reply, but this sort of UI creates a sense of instant assistance and genuine care that connects with customers (even if it works more like an email).

Expect to see more of these in future.

You might even make a friend.


web design trend conversational ecommerce



7. More focus on landing pages

Homepages sure do need to be set up well, but you’ll secure those oh so sweet conversions with carefully thought out landing pages.

With a more holistic view of how social media and websites can be developed in tandem to drive sales, more and more landing pages will sprout up in marketing strategies.

For more info on why you need a landing page, check out our previous blog post here.




8. The Death of the Stock Photo

Goofy smiles and awkward poses depicting fake phone calls will not only make your site look tacky but it’ll remove the authenticity that’s rare in today’s age of hype and propaganda (harsh, I know).

Hence, websites will be adding a more human element to their pages with photos taken in house.

While these will still be HD, images will have more character and real people doing real stuff.

web design trend death of stock photos



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