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Have a great website but struggling with no traffic or measurable returns? ROI.COM.AU can help! No gimmicks, no meaningless ranking guarantees – just a hard working SEO Team based here in Melbourne, ready to get you more qualified traffic, more qualified leads and more sales.


Australian Based Team

Our boutique team of 35 are all Melbourne based and in touch with your business requirements.



We believe in open and honest reporting and communication to create unified growth goals. We do this through through our customisable and live custom dashboards.


More Than Traditional SEO

SEO has evolved, it’s not just about being on the first page, it’s about aligning your entire marketing strategy to enhance the growth of your business.

Our SEO experience will help you grow.


You’ve got a new website and you want to protect your current rankings.

We have seen great new websites lose all their rankings and traffic without a proper migration strategy. Don’t let that happen to your next website.

You’ve experienced a stagnation in traffic or a gradual decrease.

Not staying on top of digital trends in alignment with the evolving needs of your customers can be detrimental to your business growth and sometimes hard to identify and rectify.

You’re experiencing diminishing returns in revenue.

The most profitable segments of your business are not being optimised to your main target audience and your lead quality is dropping. These need to be re-aligned.

You used to rank higher than you do now.

The focus of Google’s algorithms have moved away from keyword and link based strategies, meaning old school, quick fixes are a thing of the past and you need to align the user experience.


Does your SEO company talk-the-talk, but not walk-the-walk?
Try the ROI difference.

The ROI Difference:

  • We unlock the right target audience for your business
  • We focus on new visits to the most important pages of your website
  • We make your content connect with your target audience
  • We turn clicks into customers
  • We have clear measures of success and share them with you via our custom dashboards.


There is no point ranking for keywords with no traffic, and no point ranking for keywords that don’t generate sales. Let us prove it to you.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation Melbourne



The ROI.COM.AU Search Engine Optimisation Services are perfect for:

Local Business

Integrated local SEO solutions.

  • Target your local suburbs and service areas
  • Setup and optimise Google Plus & Google My business for map rankings
  • Audit your website and align accordingly to make engagement as easy as possible for your customers

B2B Products & Services

Targeting buyers for your products & services.

  • Site wide structure analysis
  • Site wide optimisation & alignment to your target audience
  • Integration with your current marketing campaigns
  • Audit and align website call to actions
  • Writing engaging content
  • Enhancing user experience for your customers

B2C & eCommerce Services

Amplify the success of your most popular products and services.

  • Categorise your products and services to target audience search
  • Site wide structure analysis
  • Restructuring navigation to improve conversion rate and sales
  • We turn clicks into customers
  • Optimising your site speed for both desktop and mobile search


Move your business forward with SEO at ROI.com.au

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