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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What SEO work can we do for you?

  • Once off SEO Audit with Improvement Recommendations
  • Advanced Keyword Research to Reach The Right Customers
  • Technical Audits to Keep Your Website Healthy for years
  • Improve your website usability and search engine indexation
  • Improve your mobile site speed and SEO comparability
  • Large Scale SEO for E-commerce – Leave no product behind!
  • Compelling Copy That Ranks
  • Develop an accountable organic traffic growth plan

How do we help grow sales for your business?

  • Improve your search engine rankings and visibility
  • Consistently grow your organic traffic from our SEO work
  • Get more customers to click on your business from Google search results
  • Find the customers you want, match them with what they need & create the perfect customer relationship.
  • Continuously discover how Google is changing and how that plays into your business.
  • Be there for you when you it most and by your side when you are smashing goals!

Do you want to make an informed decision on the best SEO for your business? Read below for more information on search engine optimisation and how Google ranks websites in Australia.


How does SEO & Google Work?

Google has developed an automated machine called a “googlebot” which Google uses to collect all of the information published on websites.

Google gathers its information from:

  • The domain name/ website address
  • Site Map Data
  • Following links on each web page

Once collected, Google indexes the following website information:

  • All the words and their location on the web page
  • Content tags
  • Content tags are the visible link which helps the user and the Googlebot view other information on the site which have used the same “tag”

What is an alt tag?

The alt and title attributes of an image are commonly referred to as an alt tag. The alt text describes what’s on the image and the function of the image on the page.

Google – The Generation of Search Engine Rankings

When a user enters a keyword query in Google, Google’s machines search its index for matching web pages which Google believes are most relevant to the user. Google determines relevance from 200+ ranking factors.

In summary; the important elements determining rankings in Google are

  • Technical design to access information
  • Quality of content
  • Number of inbound links or external references to the web page

The Purpose of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the position and visibility of a website in the organic (non-paid) results of search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Examples of commonly used search engine optimisation techniques are:

  • Improving the site map to help the speed and indexation of the website
  • Editing content/images to help improve site website rankings and increase organic traffic
  • Sourcing and acquiring links from other websites to help more people find the relevant information
  • Continuous monitoring of rankings and enhancements to a website to improve the amount of organic (non paid) traffic a website receives

How does SEO help grow your business?

When a website ranks higher on Google ; the site will generally receive more traffic from relevant users. In relation to online ecommerce stores this generally helps increase online sales. SEO also includes writing Meta Titles & Description which are designed to not only describe the web page but also encourage the user to click on the website, rather than the other web sites in the search results.

Expert SEO Agency Services

Below are examples of the main SEO techniques used to increase a websites visibility and the traffic received from the organic search results.


  • Install A site map so the google bot can read all the content and product information
  • Improve site speed so Google can quickly gather website information

Keyword Research & Selection

  • An integral part of search engine optimisation is analysing how people search for a product or service on Google. This helps match the content of your website to the needs of the user.
  • The Google keyword planner provides a guide to the estimated number of searchers for a keyword on a monthly basis, togeteher with an estimate of the number of other businesses targeting this keyword. (Levels of Competition)

Inbound Links

Another SEO technique used to increase your ranking and position on Google is to increase the quantity and quality of websites that are linking to your content.

Google views inbound links as a form of “vote” for your website and a signal that other people may want to read the information

AH Refs is a very popular seo tool which specialises in collecting and helping seo professionals analyse the quality and quantity of websites linking to and from a website.

How long does it take for your Website to rank on the first page of Google?

If you follow the best practice SEO principles outlined above it is possible for your website to rank on the first page of Google within the first month for “niche” and specific keywords. The fastest way for your business to rank on the first page is be smart and niche with your keyword targeting and once you have achieved first page success for niche keywords; then aim to rank for higher traffic keywords with more competition.

The other fast way to rank on Google is to produce a very high quality article which is shared and linked to by many other websites on the Internet. This can be an effective and fast way for your site to rank higher than other sites that do not have the same quality content that you do. So you are now armed with the information you need for SEO success.

Our Success Stories

Year on year traffic increased by 51.6%
QTR ON QTR 100+ More Calls For 10 Gyms
60 Days on 60 Days, 128% Increase in Traffic

What our clients say

ROI would be a smart investment for any business to make, highly recommend.

Amy Aubrey | Durotank Pty Ltd

Digital Marketing has become an increasingly important part of our business. The team at ROI.COM.AU improved our conversion rate to sales leads by over 300%

Bruce, Progressive Office |

We have been with ROI for 5 years, in that time our website traffic has constantly increased with a concerted effort in a competitive industry area. It’s great to constantly get new ideas from them for areas to explore in the digital marketplace.

Campbell Dandy - Soupcan

The Bowen Group chose for the re-design of our site due to their strong track record in helping us in website conversion. The team at developed a unique approach which benchmarked our traffic and conversion rates per segments. We also developed customer persona’s for each segment of the site.The results from our new site our amazing. I am pleased to say within the first month we have seen an improvement of 15% in conversion rate with a further 50% improvement in conversions. The new sales opportunities generated have paid off our website investment within the first month.

Elliot Arnupp – Bowen Group


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