Small Business SEO

Marketing strategies to help your business get on the right foot

They say that the first three years are often the hardest for a small business.

On top of working hard to just break even, let alone make a profit, and adapting your business to the evolving needs and consumer trends of your developing customer base, there is your approach to small business marketing to consider. Gaining exposure, getting your name out there and building your reputation is crucial if you want any genuine shot at succeeding in the long term.

While word of mouth remains a valuable asset, harnessing the power of the Internet through search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most effective marketing strategies for small business in this day and age. Whether you’re a florist, a local handyman or an online retailer of vintage clothing, your small business is sure to benefit from implementing a web marketing strategy with a specialist small business SEO company.

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As a small business owner, you will generally have less money to spend than a multinational corporation, so you effectively have to make your marketing solutions work smarter for you.

Effective search engine optimisation helps to improve your business’ visibility and reach through organic search rankings on Google and other search engines.

No two small businesses are the same, which is why a good small business internet marketing consultant will tailor an SEO strategy to your needs. A florist in Sydney may benefit from a tailored Sydney SEO service, whilst a florist in Melbourne would need a Melbourne based search marketing strategies. Your web marketing consultant will customise a set of small business marketing plans by understanding your business, ascertaining just what the key areas of focus are for you and how much of the web marketing strategy you want to concentrate on for each area.

It’s all about doing the best by your business.


Many small business owners treat SEO marketing with scepticism; they may have been burned by one of the many small business marketing agencies offering “affordable SEO packages” or “cheap online marketing for small business” that promise the world and surprisingly, they don’t deliver. It might be a cliché but it’s true; sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Paying that little bit extra for a quality SEO campaign has a better chance at paying better dividends in the long run.

Rather than viewing small business web marketing as a business expense, consider it a valuable investment in the future of your business. Search engine optimisation is a process that progressively delivers value; it doesn’t have an expiry date. When factoring in the price of SEO into your budget, consider the end objective rather than just punching an approximate cost into your calculator.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Is your website on the first page of Google for competitive search terms? If not you are missing out on 99% of traffic for that search term.

2) Do people who search for your product or service use one search term or many? Most searchers use different search terms, ‘vacuum cleaner’ may be searched as ‘vacuum cleaners’, ‘vacuum cleaners Sydney’, ‘cheap vacuum cleaners’ etc., so if you multiply the effect of question one, you see that there is a sea of traffic your website is missing out on.

3) How would 500 extra visits a month change your outlook on what SEO costs? If from 500 visits, 5% made an enquiry, that’s 25 sales leads. Convert 1 in 4 of them into customers and you have six sales.

Does the revenue from six sales cover a $500 monthly SEO fee? In most cases yes… easily. And this is based on a modest conversion rate of a modest traffic improvement. Depending on your business, the opportunity could be vastly better.


Whether you own a small business or a major multinational – if want to succeed online, SEO is a must. offers affordable and effective SEO services which promises to deliver results. To find out more about small business website marketing, call us on 1300 650 274 and let us put your business first!

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