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We know Australian business: over 8 years' experience delivering proven SEO results

Quite simply SEO is about helping your business connect with potential customers through search engines, predominantly Google as they have 90% market share in Australia:

To be found on Google you need to invest in SEO, which means you have to:

  1. Understand how customers search for your products/services (keywords)
  2. Technically optimise your website so Google can find relevant information
  3. Build site authority so Google views your information as more important than other websites
  4. Rank on the first page so potential customers can find you
  5. Continuously invest in improving your website and SEO so you connect with more and more customers
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Why is SEO important?

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A SEO rankings = More Traffic = More Customers

Google is the most popular way people search in Australia; if you want to grow your business and reach more customers SEO is a must.

B Qualified Search, Better Customers

You and your potential customers use Google to find exactly what you are looking for. With a smart and targeted SEO strategy you can zero in on certain types of customers and their specific needs. The more targeted your SEO strategy, the better qualified and quality customers that you reach.

C Cost Effective

You can be razor sharp and focussed in your SEO targeting. This helps save you money and means you are not spending money on reaching the wrong audience like you do with traditional advertising. SEO is also proven to provide long lasting results, and is a very effective way of reducing your Adwords costs over time.

D Transparent and Measurable

SEO does not have to be technical mumbo jumbo and smokes and mirrors. You can easily track your rankings over time, plus measure the traffic and business impact through Google Analytics. SEO is your most accountable form of marketing.

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Start on the pathway to SEO success

with a FREE market share report!

What SEO Solutions does offer? has helped over 1000 Australian business with proven SEO solutions over the past 8 years.

We have a unique range of SEO solutions that are designed for businesses:

Getting Started

Get ranked on the first page

Accelerated SEO

Custom solutions designed to help take your SEO performance beyond rankings into serious business results

Enterprise SEO

Dedicated and full serviced SEO solutions for companies wanting to grow its revenues by more than $1 million per year.

Fix my SEO

Technical and specific seo solutions to help websites recover from ranking drops or penalties issued by Google.

The approach

Delivering superior value is our vision and that is our focus when it comes to SEO. We set clear and accountable 3 month goals that are aligned to your business objectives, but also mindful of your current situation.

We provide a comprehensive set up process which includes:

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Keyword Strategy & Ranking Report
  • Complete Technical Diagnostic
  • Assignment of Experienced Account Manager
  • Full content review and alignment to SEO strategy
  • Site navigation analysis and recommendations
  • Tailored and relevant in bound link building to increase site trust and authority
  • Monthly work deployment & reporting
  • Transparent and accountable work towards 3 month campaign goals

What makes different

Delivering superior value is our vision and that is our focus when it comes to SEO. We set clear and accountable 3 month goals that are aligned to your business objectives, but also mindful of your current situation. knowledge

Superior Knowledge has been helping business owners successfully grow their sales for over 8 years. We talk about the stuff that actually matters; sales and getting money in the door to your busienss. This is how we learn and deliver more value. information


Your SEO decision making is only as good as the information at your disposal. has the best SEO reporting and data analysis available in the world. Ask for a report or a snapshot of our CRM, and you will see how we can see and act on trends before anyone else. no.1 client success

Our success is our clients' success

We take the time to listen to our client’s needs & tailor solutions that are designed to deliver a positive return on your SEO investment. Long term and satisfied customers is our focus.. not simply more sales in the door. no.1 customer service

Account Management/Service

Business success is always a collaborative effort, where we work in unison to learn what is working and why. has the most talented and proactive account management team in the Australian SEO marketplace. We invest in continuous improvement every day.

There is a huge difference between one SEO company and another in Australia. Many companies out –source their work to overseas to save on costs, many companies do not have the resource or expertise to compete against big brands on the Internet. Furthermore, the SEO techniques used from one company to another vary dramatically.

The differences are real. The Google search environment has completely changed in 2014, no more short cuts, smart marketing which delivers real value.. wins.

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Magic moments we have achieved for some of our clients!

I have worked on hundreds of accounts and I always get a good feeling when I see a client like Chunky Move rank highly in under a month!

Team Manager
David Pocock

Flat Pack Pro's were are new start up business when coming to us. I was excited when I saw their solution started delivering results in the first 2 weeks!

SEO Specialist
Michael Briggs


Progressive Office

We have been working with for over 7 years. Digital marketing has become an increasingly important part of our business and we found that our website was not converting traffic into the phone calls and in store visits that we used to receive. The web conversion team at analysed our traffic and sales data, and develop new pages which improved our conversion rate to sales leads by over 300%... If you are wanting to improve your number of sales leads in 2014, I would definitely give the team at a call.

GW Homes

GW Homes is a Brisbane based home building company with over 40 years of experience in construction and home improvements. "We have been working with since April 2012 and they have expertly handled our SEO and mobile website ever since."