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No matter how good a product or service you are offering is, your business is going to make very little impact if it’s buried amongst the millions of results that spring up with every Google search. That’s where SEO comes in; it’s a formative way to boost your online presence and see your business placed on the first page of Google searches for keywords that matter to your profit margin.

For almost a decade, has been helping Australian businesses improve their website traffic and sales leads. Talk to us today about how we can help you grow yours.

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What is SEO? How Does It Work?

Googles search engine results page and where the SEO organic rankings are

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and that’s exactly what it is – optimising a website to make sure it can perform at its best on a search engine results page (SERP). With billions of searches being put through Google every day, it’s essential that you have the best SEO practices in place to make sure your business is getting noticed.

A typical SERP has 3 ads placed at the top of the page and more running down the side. Businesses pay Google to be listed in these positions, and this kind of marketing is called AdWords or PPC (Pay-Per-Click). The rest of the results on the page are organically listed; in other words, they have not paid money to be listed there. Instead, they have secured their position through the effective deployment of various SEO practices.

The trend towards using Google for online shopping and finding services is growing insurmountably every year. Don’t fall behind the times; talk to today about how our SEO services can help your business stay ahead of ever-changing consumer habits.

The difference: why we do SEO better's company history and SEO goal was founded in Melbourne almost a decade ago, making us one of the most well-established SEO companies in Australia. Our CEO and founder, Ewan Watt, brought with him an extensive background working with business owners and digital marketers since 1998. Combined with the wealth of experience and individual strengths that our team of specialists contribute, you can trust you’re in safe hands when utilising the digital marketing services of

data driven seo and reporting

Utilising tools and software built in-house, we are able to provide insightful and thorough analytical data to show the strengths and opportunities for growth of your business. We provide monthly customised reports to our client so you can keep track of how we’re assisting you; it’s all part of our commitment to offering total transparency.

The SEO team and job titles

The same goes for our team, too, who are passionate about getting the best possible result for our valued clients. From your dedicated account manager to the various digital marketing staff who will work on your website, specialising in diverse areas that include web design, content, tech, and more, you’ll have a full team behind you who are are unified by the goal of helping you and your business succeed.

What sort of results can you expect from SEO at

Ranking Improvements


Map Listings on Local Search


Continual Ongoing Improvement


SEO vs AdWords

So is there any point investing time and effort into improving your SEO when you can achieve first page rankings immediately through AdWords? It’s a question a lot of business owners ask when considering their marketing options.

Truthfully, both methods of organic and paid advertising are beneficial for different reasons. They also apply differently according to the goals of your business.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

While people do still click on paid listings, the click through rate on organic listings win by a wide margin. That’s because a high percentage of people are wary about the credibility of anything marked as an “ad”, and are likely to skip past those first few results to avoid them.


seo traffic graph vs adwords

While AdWords can generate immediate results, putting the necessary work into improving your SEO results has a longer, more sustainable (and affordable) pay off. Consider achieving first page organic rankings as a long term investment, while paying for listings is more of a short-term strategy. That’s not to discount the value of short-term, quick pay offs, but it does highlight the necessity of combining both SEO and AdWords strategies to work together for one greater result.


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  • I would like to congratulate the ROI team on the work you have done in the last 3 years but especially in the last 4 months.After sitting down and listening to my concerns and goals we were able to form a plan. With that plan came goals. Being able to get on the phone and have a chat and continually fine tune our plan has enabled us not only to meet our target but to surpass it. Thank you for listening, taking the time to understand our product range and our diverse customer base.

    I am one very happy client
    Stable Door –


  • We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the new website so credit to you guys, Matt, and the team involved. We are delighted we made the move to work with ROI…
    VAFA –

  • We purchased a new website with Aaron & as they assured us the result would improve. I must say I am very glad we made the investment. Since our new site was launched combined with our AdWords and SEO strategy, we have seen a great increase in the amount of online showroom appointments. Our previous site was converting at 0.9% compared to our new site which converts at 2.16%…

    Eternal Weddings –

  • Digital marketing has become an increasingly important part of our business and we found that our website was not converting traffic into the phone calls and in store visits that we used to receive. The web conversion team at analysed our traffic and sales data, and develop new pages which improved our conversion rate to sales leads by over 300%…

    Progressive Office –

  • Since we started working with we found very early they took a very different approach in how structured the campaign. Aaron, our account manager is always there to take our calls and respond, which is not something we had with our previous provider. I am very pleased with the professionalism and results that our campaign has achieved…

    Eternal Weddings –

  • We started out noticing month to month increases in traffic to the site, but I am very pleased to say we are now seen a 102.69% increase in organic traffic to our website which has cemented us in a strong position online for some core terms. Our business is definitely seeing a return on our investment. I would recommend…

    Eternal Weddings –

  • Over the past few months I’ve dealt directly with the staff at ROI on behalf of my client Moddex.
    I work with many agencies as a consultant in this capacity (on behalf of my clients) and I felt compelled to send on a short note of acknowledgement and thanks for the service you provide to us – which is increasingly unique and rare.

    Kind regards,
    See Strategic

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