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Get more Qualified Leads for your B2B Sales Team.

ROI.COM.AU specialises in delivering enterprise-level digital marketing solutions to B2B, eCommerce and Real Estate clients. We understand that to grow, you need to be connecting with the right customers at the right time. The Internet is now empowering customers to make informed decisions before they even decide to engage with your team. Our integrated solutions have been proven over the last 10 years, delivering growth for companies of all sizes.

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In most B2B industries sales teams are now experiencing diminishing returns via conventional techniques such as cold calling, cold emails, left messages, sales pitches and generally aren’t getting the chance to speak to the right people.

Our solutions include:

  • Targeted Adwords & Remarketing campaigns
  • Custom landing pages aligned to your target markets
  • LinkedIn or Twitter campaigns to your target markets
  • Display media campaigns.

Improving sales team effectiveness:

  • Understanding current sales reporting, lead profiling, and lead sources
  • Understanding current lead allocation process
  • Implement new website reporting and lead allocation
  • Implement call tracking and reporting
  • Implement new campaigns to improve the percentage of leads which are qualified and lead to presentation/proposal.

Improving customer retention and value per customer:

  • Understanding current percentage of returning customers
  • Reviewing current sales and marketing programs
  • Review current reporting process
  • Implement new email, content, re-marketing and social media campaigns to help grow revenues from repeat customers.


B2B Digital Marketing, How We Deliver

1. Target Segments

Working with you, the amount of we will help define the key target segments to focus on for your digital marketing campaigns, facilitating the best potential outcomes for your business.

2. Buying Cycle

We explore and research into how your industries/products’ buying cycle works, revealing the steps that your customers take before making a purchase.

3. Buying Influences (all stakeholders)

We look at and identify what key information people often look for when deciding whether to buy with you or from another competitor.

4. Customer Engagement

Looking at how your customers currently engage with you, we analyse and advise the best methods to enhance customer engagement to get the best returns for your business.

5. Customer Qualification

Looking at your target segments, we analyse the key areas of your website they should be funnelled to and what information should be displayed to ensure the right type of customer is reaching the right areas of your website.

6. Lead Generation

Certain websites are setup to generate leads faster than others; working with all the previous steps listed above we’ll analyse and advise the best way to increase your conversion rate the number of lead your website generates.

7. Proposal


8. Sale

“ROI has been intense on growing and improving all areas of our business. From a new fully optimised website to growing all facets of our business through Consultancy, Adwords, Remarketing, Social Media, and SEO. I have no hesitation in recommending ROI to any business wanting to strategically grow.”

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