10 Effective Strategies to Boost Traffic to your Website

In 2009, interesting financial times means that it will take innovative measures to boost traffic levels to your website. There are a number of SEO strategies that can be implemented to not only build traffic but to grow overall brand awareness and attention from your target market.

The key point to remember in any traffic building strategy is how it will affect your bottom line. Will increased traffic drive conversions and sales? We are not just interested in “hits” it is about boosting meaningful traffic that will ultimately grow your business.

If you were still of the “build-it-and-they-will-come” school of thought, the following 10 strategies offer a proactive and targeted approach to traffic building.

#1 – Improve your search engine ranking

If you have not already done so, invest in a long-term search engine optimisation strategy. This involves increasing the ranking of your website on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for the major key phrases that will serve to drive relevant traffic to your website and ultimately grow conversions and sales.

How important is it? Think about your own search behaviour – do you look at any search results beyond the first page of the search engines?

#2 – Advertise your presence on the search engines

Pay-per-Click advertising on the search engines remains one of the most cost effective ways of driving targeted traffic to your website and getting visibility immediately on the search engines.

#3 – Leverage social networks

Create great industry related content and submit it to the major social bookmarking and link sharing services. By creating solid, targeted content and sharing it on social sites you are developing another focused avenue through which visitors can find your website. Well known bookmarking sites include Digg, Technorati, del.icio.us, reddit and many more.

#4 – Develop maps & mashups

You can develop very useful maps which make a great tool on your website by utilising geographic data and a maps API system. Any website within any industry can create an interesting map feature, even if it is as simple as mapping out the location of your store/s.

#5 – Create your own blog & use it frequently

Regularly blogging about your industry or profession can have enormous payoff if done properly. A blog not only serves to build your long tail strategy on the search engines but also works very well in developing your search engine optimisation strategy, as your blog offers relevant and targeted links back to your website.

#6 – Report big news in your industry

Being the first to report on big stories in your industry and by ensuring that the report is one of the best on the subject will firmly establish your business as a credible and excellent source of information for the current news and in the future.

#7 – Syndicate your site’s content by using RSS feeds

By syndicating your content away from your website your business is promoting the viral dissemination of your content and brand. One way of building a regular audience is to focus on the growth of an RSS feed.

#8 – Industry and niche networking

Networking with the right people in your industry can not only get relevant links, increased traffic and sales for your business, but also recommendations which build the credibility of your business name and brand.

#9 – Offer a newsletter subscription & use it

Newsletters can be a great way to entice previous visitors to re-visit your website, however what is key in this strategy is to actually write the newsletter and send it on a monthly / quarterly basis.  Do not offer a newsletter subscription if you have no intention of sending one out.
Writing a special newsletter on occasions such as Christmas is another way of interacting with existing and potential clients.

#10 – Offer high quality free downloads

Whether you are offering a white paper or a coupon to be used off- or online, ensure that it is of high quality and relevant to your industry.
If it is, the chances are that the right people will be sharing the information and talking about your business.

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