10 Features We Look For In An Account Manager

Sitting in amongst a few smooth operators in our Melbourne office, I have quickly gained an appreciation for account management. Each phone call I overhear showcases the account manager’s ability to successfully articulate strategic business ideas and translate that into an actionable digital marketing strategy that their client appreciates – this business impact is truly remarkable. In an industry known for an abundance of snake oil salesmen, handling client objections are well and truly part and parcel of the role.

My fascination for how roi.com.au was able to assemble such a talented group of individuals steered me towards our Human Resources Manager. Here, I was able to gain an insight into what features we look for when assessing a candidate for an account management position.

What We Look For In A Digital Marketing Account Manager

So without further ado here are the top 10 features we look for in an account manager at roi.com.au:

1. Passion

Working within such a large and fast-moving organisation, roi.com.au requires account managers to embrace challenges with passion while also pushing themselves and others around them to succeed and prosper. Therefore we ask displays of passion towards the digital medium, the growth of their client’s businesses, and in their operational tasks.

2. Innovation

Working within such a fast-moving space, roi.com.au encourages account managers to challenge the status quo in order to act on new opportunities. Account managers are figuratively in the trenches as far as customer needs and wants are concerned, therefore we ask our account managers to treat each positive or negative client experience as an opportunity for innovation.

3. Proactivity

Not to be left behind in the digital space, we consistently ask for our account managers to action tasks and ideas proactively whilst going above and beyond in delivering client value.

4. Accountability

As our account managers are a client’s first point-of-call, we require a strong accountability across accounts and of internal processes. It is pivotal that account managers are committed to delivering on promises both externally and internally.

5. Customer Solutions Driven

roi.com.au offer a wide range of digital marketing-related services which all aim to cohesively deliver a positive return on investment to our clients. Account managers are responsible for identifying gaps in our current offerings and recommending service modifications to deliver a better return on investment to these clients.

6. Process Driven

At roi.com.au we value the ability to work independently by following both team and task related process. When working operationally we ask and hope that our account managers will complete each outlined step independently without altering or adding steps.

7. Tenacity

We urge our account managers to be tenacious in their pursuit of client and organisational success. As an organisation, we strive to deliver a return on investment to our customers and once again, the account manager is at the forefront in pushing themselves and their team to deliver this.

8. Resilience

Account managers are often dealt a number of challenges, which at times may be difficult to overcome. This employee’s ability to ‘bounce back’ and ‘get back up on the horse’ is a much respected trait within the company.

9. Strong Business Acumen

While our account managers are often well versed in the nitty-gritty of search and conversion, the ability to see the forest for the trees and apply their knowledge and services to improve overall business performance is necessary for roi.com.au to be considered more than just a service provider.

10. Teamwork

Internally, our accounts are shared between teams comprising various specialists, management and account managers.  All of these people work together to achieve client success. With this being the case, it is pivotal to grow relationships within teams to develop team cohesion.

If you have what it takes to join our Melbourne based account management team visit our careers page or send your resume to [email protected].

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