10 Ways to Know It’s Time for a New Website

 Competition is fierce. Standing out in a crowded market is tough. Yet, how many business owners give their website the attention it demands?

More sales than ever are being driven by websites with clean design, fresh and informative content and a clear path to deliver leads.

Standing still in a digital world makes as much sense as staring down a tsunami with a fire hose. Taking stock is easy. If it has been 12 months since more than minor changes have been made to your website design and content, then it’s probably time for an overhaul. Sometimes it’s tempting to carry on with what you’ve got and remain blind to the opportunities that aren’t coming your way. But if you’re hearing these 10 questions, then your mind should already be made up. It’s time to build a new website.

1. Why can’t I read your website on my mobile device?

More than a third of potential customers view websites on mobile devices. Many will be lost forever if they can’t read your website when they load it on their phone or tablet. By the end of 2014, it was anticipated that more people will be viewing websites on mobile devices than desktop and laptop computers. Optimising your website to be viewed on all platforms and devices is vital to maximise leads and potential sales.

2. Why can’t I find your phone number on your website?

While your website is designed to create leads, sales are commonly closed over the phone. Not being able to find a phone number is a typical flaw and a major annoyance. If your phone has stopped ringing, there’s a good chance it’s too hard to find or not even on your website.

3. How come the only blog on my website was written in 2012 and opens with “Hello World!”

It’s true, as a marketing tool blogging is a gold nugget guaranteed to generate more leads than most other methods. But it needs to be frequent, on message, educational and entertaining. Most audiences can spot a fraud from a distance and they’re prone to hot foot it in the opposite direction never to be seen again.

4. I’m paying a developer to make changes, why would I need a new site?

Patch-ups and bolted on updates are sometimes necessary but they are often just band aid fixes. Making a website function in a way that speaks directly to its audience requires more than a quick fix.

5. Why do my customers snidely remark about how wonderful the flash animations are on my website?

Some once popular technologies are no longer commonly used and may not even be supported by some current web browsers. If you’re getting these comments, it‘s probably because your customers are too polite to tell you what they really think.


6. My friend told me they bought a cheap website and it works fine. Why do I need to spend more money?

Many cheap websites are outsourced overseas and are often copies of other cheap websites. A website is an investment in your business and needs to connect with the customers you are targeting.

7. I know my website isn’t pretty, but it has the information my customers need, how can I be sure a new website will actually increase sales?

We’re talking function over form. Technically, your website has the information required to make a decision, so what if it doesn’t have coloured calls to action and images? Every day conversion specialists are proving a better call to action increases leads. If your web developer doesn’t have an opinion about market segmentation and best converting layout, you are receiving outdated advice.

8. Why are the prices on your website cheaper than the ones you gave me over the phone?

You haven’t spoken to the work experience student since you asked them to upload your pricelist in 2009. Shock sets in when you realise the prices haven’t been updated since.

9. Why does it take so long to load your website?

If you can boil the kettle and brew a strong cup of tea while a huge image slowly loads on your home page, customers are certain not to be as generous with their time. Frustrating your audience with sloppy copy and out of date information is bad enough. Wasting their time is a death sentence.

10. What do all those repeated words mean?

Hands up who can spot a website that has been written by an SEO company with no copywriting skills? The days of packing websites with keywords that not only fail to explain products and services, they don’t even make any real sense are over. Today, customers expect professional content and simple calls to action. Often, there’s no quick fix to get up to date with today’s digital marketing trends. If the best option is a complete website revamp, it is wise to undertake the design, SEO and migration functions together before going live. This is much easier if you don’t have to deal with two or three separate businesses to achieve your goals of slick design, high search engine rankings and error free browsing.



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