Car insurance: Who is winning the digital battle?

Car insurance is arguably the most competitive industry in Australia.

The rivalry is at its hottest online, in this article we rate the digital performance of the five major brands.


1. Who had the most overall traffic?




2. Who had the most mobile traffic?




3. Where did each company’s traffic come from?



Traffic share


4. Who had the most Organic Search traffic?



Organic search



5. Who had the highest Paid Search traffic?



paid search


Snapshot of how ROI.COM.AU analyses this type of information:


1. We identify the areas where your site has experienced gains in this information
2. We identify where competitors have made gains – taking into account existing brand equity and discounting one off campaign activity
3. We then deep dive into the main contributing factors that have provided the gains – so we can bank those lessons learnt and put resource ideas into how we can fully leverage
4. We note areas of diminishing return – modify, reduce or stop.


Following the above methodology our Digital Scorecard of the insurance industry shows:

The Winners


  • iSelect is clearly winning the mobile channel
  • Excluding campaign activity, the marginal winners of search are iSelect, and NRMA (I stress only marginal)
  • iSelect and NRMA had very slight gains in SEO, although most brands are struggling to make significant ground
  • iSelect and AAMI have experienced big increases in paid search traffic last six months.

Negative Trends


  • Allianz is losing ground in both paid and organic search. That’s despite ranking No.2 for the primary keyword “car insurance”.

Our analysis and interpretation


We have obviously taken a deeper dive into the contributing factors to the above trends. Without disclosing too much, we see the following trends:

  • A new battlefront with branded search in a bid to win market share within car insurance
  • A strong correlation with paid search and second click organic branded search
  • Mobile should be separated and segmented as sales channel. New competitors using phone and call centre to win customers.

A more strategic view point


  • We would challenge the size of the investment in traffic and make a bigger  investment in retention; segmentation/ conversion
  • There’s too much fighting over price and comparision…and not enough value being created through personalisation For example: over 60s market, families, just bought a new car etc.

Our approach as an agency to this data and analysis, is we workshop the information


  • Reach agreement on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
  • Prioritise future actions around payoff compared to ease and cost to implement
  • Implement new performance benchmarks so we can accurately track incremental performance.


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