Save & Grow with these 2 quick wins!

It was a pretty amazing start to 2018 here at ROI.COM.AU Growth Agency. We love wins!

We have helped NEW clients:

  • WIN – Save over $100,000pa on advertising that clearly was not working.
  • WIN – Helped 2 businesses re-invest the savings made, into a new website. The new website was effectively FREE.

We helped an EXISTING client:

  • WIN – Grow their conversion rate by over 300% which resulted in us having to turn-off the campaign; as our client was not able to handle the sales increase. growth agency's Feb 2018 blog titled save and grow with these 2 quick wins


Here are 2 WINS that can help your bottom-line today.


1.   Junk clicks – Adwords

If you are running a Google Adwords campaign, there is a really good chance you are wasting money on junk clicks. Here is why:

  • 20% of Google searches are totally new every month
  • Lots of Google Adwords professionals focus on traffic; not qualified traffic
  • Many people running their own campaigns are too busy to do the rigorous checks to reduce wastage
  • You have not implemented a comprehensive negative keyword strategy

2.   Paying more than you should for clicks

Many people don’t realise that your business can be in position 1 and paying less than the business in position 2 or 3 for the same click. It’s extraordinary that some businesses are paying 2-3 times more for clicks than they need to!

Furthermore, as an agency we run Google Adwords campaigns across many different industries, so we have benchmarks on the best market rate you can achieve for certain keywords. There is serious skill involved in your Google Adwords bid strategy. This is why companies have created tools that purely focus on having the best algorithm to achieve the lowest cost-per-click. growth agency's discover quick wins with our free google adwords savings report
We will generate and implement a Google Adwords savings plan for your business.
No strings attached. You can then use these savings to invest in growing your business.


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