2013 Digital Predictions – A Marketing Odyssey

What if the world doesn’t end on 21/12/2012? As we venture into a new year there is always uncertainty about the direction of our path ahead. In the realm of digital marketing and SEO, the Mayans probably couldn’t even predict what is to come.

Thankfully though there are trends emerging based on the outcomes of the year that was 2012. Based on these trends, successes, and hits and misses we’re able to draw conclusion and ‘predict’ what 2013 will hold for SEOs and digital marketers.

Mobile Marketing: SEO in your pocketEcoStar Double Glazing Mobile Site

With the annoying exclusion of my parents, everyone in the world has a mobile device of some kind. It will be interesting to see how brands leverage mobile technology in 2013 to promote themselves and push content or conversions, especially as m-commerce grows in strength and prominence. The rise of mobile marketing in 2013 will also see an increase in responsive web design. More and more businesses are now realising the power and reach of mobile marketing, meaning they need to create a mobile friendly campaign.

Social butterflies

While consumers are absorbing social media in every way, shape, and form imaginable, marketers are still fighting to tap into this treasure trove of opportunity and maximise it to its full potential. In 2013 however, as we witness data-driven advertising and the overwhelming use of social media across all facets of life, there’s the potential for some huge successes in social marketing. As SEOs and digital marketers we will explore new ways to work with brands and develop integrated social media experiences throughout 2013.

Video killed the radio star

With the rapid rise and integration of the 4G network, video content is going to be more present than ever. With such fast access and superior qualities, video content and marketing will hold an important place in 2013 for its ability to reach clients on a more entertaining and engaging level.

Triple Threat: Semantic, Co-citations, and Local results

Google’s SERPs are quickly moving away from the traditional broad industry search results, and takes other factors in to consideration like location, semantics, and co-citations.

Semantic search relates to the results we get when we Google something like “Melbourne accommodation” and receive star-ratings as part of the SERPs. These star-ratings are called rich snippets and drive a much higher conversion rate/click through rate.

Additionally, a co-citation is the mention of your business’ name/phone/address/keyword on another business’ page as text, as opposed to traditional hyperlinks. This builds credibility and authority for your site as it is a more organic sharing of your business as opposed to structured anchor text link building.

Local search is where these two power-houses come into play; Google’s search results pages are drastically changing to encompasses both semantic results as well as local area searches, meaning that you’re now competing with localised competitors as opposed to just the top industry competitors.

With the rise of mobile search, people’s locations when they search is often changing, meaning you could search for “Melbourne accommodation” when in South Yarra and receive one set of rich snippet results, but if you search the same keyword in Flemington you receive a different set of results. Rankings in 2013 will be much more reliant on strong co-citations and localised SEO and targeted Melbourne SEO programs backed up by quality semantic search results.

Are you prepared for 2013?

2013 promises to be an exciting year in SEO and digital marketing, I look forward to reflecting upon the above in 12 months’ time and seeing what came to fruition and what failed to launch.

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