2013 Google Engage All-Stars Winner’s

We are proud to announce that ROI has been selected as a 2013 Google Engage All-Stars Winner.  There are only 200 agencies that won this competition among 14,000 leading agencies from around the world.

As a winner, ROI visited Googleplex in San Francisco and attended the Google Engage Training Program. This insight should help us continuously improve our SEO services including Adwords to get better results and a better ROI for our customers.

Reach Your Customers

Across all devices:

  • Mobile devices will soon be your primary way to reach your customers.
  • Mobile is likely 20-50% of your traffic today and growing at 80% year on year.
  • 30% of queries are made from mobile device

 Show your ads to potential customers at all times of day:

  • 19% of online shopping takes place between 8pm and midnight
  • 50% of online purchase journeys take over 19 days
  • 88% of adwords clickshare incremental to organic clicks

Deliver the right message to your customer

Best Practice examples of AdWords creative based on user intent:

Relevant to device:

Relevant to time of day:

Relevant to location:

How does your businesses benefit from enhanced campaigns

 Optimising for location

  • Adjust bids from -90% to 900% for multiple locations within same campaigns
  • You can adjust bids for high performing suburb locations
  • Implement location extension targeting to set a bid adjustment for users searching near your stores (great for traditional retailers)

3 steps to Increase mobile performance

  • Basic: mobile bid adjustment
  • Intermediate: Mobile creative, mobile extensions
  • Advanced: New conversion types

ROI for measuring on the last click order only

ROI for measuring on other types of conversions which were generated by mobile clicks

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA)

What you can do with RLSA

  • Bid higher when your audience searches for your existing keywords
  • Tailor ads and landing pages to user place in sales cycles
  • Lower bids for users unlikely to convert again
  • Very useful technique for businesses targeting high value customers

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