Cool Apps and How We Used Them


We’re always on the hunt to see what cool apps are making the rounds, around the world! Here’s some silliness we’ve been up to in the office with 5 cool creative apps on offer.


A Color Story

A beautifier of pictures, colour stories has filters and light effects that would put Instagram to shame. To get the full gamut of effects, you’ll have to make some in app purchases, however this is a great tool for fashion and beauty bloggers who want to add some stunning visuals to their visual content.  Here’s how we turned an already stunning workplace doodle into a glorious work of art.

Ghost lens

While its interface may be a bit messy, this ghost app is a cool tool that helps create duplicate images that are sure to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Video options are also available to create “Sadako-esque” effects that will terrify.


Probably our favourite app thus far, this bad boy offers a bevy of gifs, filters and face masks to record and photograph. You can add a bunch of dancing, on trend images to your videos or talk through a Donald Trump filter among others. The only issue is that there’s no sound, a glitch we hope they’ll fix soon. Here’s a little vid we took at the Australian Open as an example.

IMG_2924 <-Video here

Pablo. Light

The most interesting of apps we’ve stumbled upon. Pablo is a recording app that captures the movement of light in the dark. This is perfect for unique romantic messages with sparklers or artistic videos of cars moving at night. The app also has a great community aspect where users can share their content, kind of like Instagram but solely for “light” art. Here’s a little vid about how we feel for our followers.

IMG_2923 <-Video here

Selfie X

Don’t you hate it when you have to compromise your selfie quality by using your front camera? Selfie X is the answer to all your woes! With a Siri like voice system attached to the camera, the app will audibly direct you to move your hand in the right direction that will ensure your selfies are aligned and has everyone within frame.


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