The Thin Red (Email Subject) Line – Prisoners of Good Marketing



64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line.

In case you glazed over that line, that’s HUGE NEWS.

Now more than ever, email marketing is proving to be a huge driving force for sales as well as comprising a large chunk of company marketing spend, no matter the business.

But while whipping up a visually stunning email with clever copy and complete functionality is most definitely important, getting people through the door is the most crucial part, otherwise your efforts have been in vain.

Like the display window of a shop front, your subject line is the make or break point of people choosing to engage with your “store”.

Here are some simple tips on how to hook them in.


Keep it Simple

Not only do you have to keep your subject line within a tight word limit, but there’s a word limit in the human brain where if exceeded, we sadly glaze over things.

Keep your words few and simple to read at a glance.

If the sentence starts to disappear into a “read more here” icon on your browser, then you’re at a risk of losing your audience.

This is a skill that takes practice, but it’s not impossible.

Writing a few potential headings can help you come up with something short and sweet.



Talkin’ to your generation (with pop culture references)

If you’ve defined your emails target audience, then using a reference to popular culture in your subject line could really be effective in connecting with them to consequently read your email.

This takes research and a true awareness of what is trending among certain groups.

No point quoting Seinfeld in an email to 18-year-old girls, or Voltaire (to anyone).

Understand your audience and what their niche would be exposed to and go from there.



Playoff their FOMO (Fear of missing out)

If you’re attempting to sell products fast, creating a time limit for your audience to take action can help hugely.

Creating a sense of urgency is a psychological method that invokes an action with almost immediate effect.

However, be sure not to overuse this as people are becoming more marketing savvy.

Here are some examples of how to create a sense of scarcity that will hopefully cause a post-apocalyptic level of desperation.


Speak to their pain points

Wow, we’re starting to sound sadistic, but another way of psychologically hooking people into your emails is by speaking to their pain points.

Whether it’s saving money, time or providing a solution to someone’s daily fears or phobias, assisting an already existing pain point is a surefire way of getting people to access your email for a solution.

However, be sure that you actually do so in the email, otherwise the mistrust that ensues may hinder people from bothering with your emails in future… click bait is a no-no.

Some great examples of this.




Use Emojis (Thumbs up)

Basically, using emojis where appropriate is a surefire way to lighten the mood of an email and get some great engagement.

Researchers found that waitresses who drew a smiley face on the bottom of their receipts were more likely to get a higher tip than those who did not.

Emojis work the same way.

Once you’ve created a smile on the email recipient’s face, you’re more like to get them to open it.

Easy and effective.



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