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Some people say expertise takes years to master. We don’t think that’s always true… it’s as easy as passing on our best knowledge to you right now!

Our customer are so important to us. That’s why we want to give you the very best tips and insight to help you improve your business.


Here’s three things you can do easily…


  1. Targeting your email audience on Facebook

For a few years, Facebook has integrated enhanced advertising to their platform by being able to create Custom Audiences to make it easier for businesses to find and reach their customers and prospects. Often, businesses have huge email lists that sit in their MailChimp, email marketing platform or cutomer management system (CMS) that aren’t being utilised fully. With Custom Audiences, marketers can now use their own contact lists to target customers and leads with Facebook advertising. This is great for whatever size business you are.

To get started on this, all you need to do is access audiences in your Facebook business account, create a Custom Audience and upload a customer list in the form of a .csv or directly from MailChimp. Once these contacts have been uploaded, you can start creating adverts to your customers or leads for your website, Facebook page or app.

For example, businesses can target existing customers for their latest campaign. Or, businesses can follow up with new leads from their database by targeting ads at them with an exclusive offer or deal. There are so many possibilities, and this can really allow Facebook, email and other marketing platforms to really be in sync with each other.

If you need some help with this or to find out more about how Facebook and email marketing can help your business, our social team can help you. Contact your account manager today.


  1. Responsive Website Design

With the wide array of different devices we now own, such as tablets, kindles, televisions, smart watches and a plethora of different phone brands, websites need to be able to be accessed on as many different platforms as possible. Responsive web design and development is a must for all website since mobile traffic has grown by 74% since 2015, and will continue to grow in hand held devices. Responsive web design aims to respond to users behaviors on a specific platform. Your website’s design can be changed according to the user’s device and is achieved through amazing technology which can respond to this.

With attention spans lowering and internet users growing ever more impatient, neglecting the responsiveness of your site can be a major problem.  There’s one simple thing that you can do to make your website more responsive and load faster, and that’s use imagery that’s not too large. Images that are too large in pixels and file size can cause websites to load much slower, resulting in loss of traffic. Make your images smaller yourself by changes the size on an image editing platform like picmonkey.com.

Here’s an example of one of our clients who needed a responsive website.




We’re able to help to make your website more responsive, which can really help to keep customers on your website for longer, making it easier to use and navigate and get the leads and customers you need. Contact your account manager if you want to hear more about this.

You can read more about this here.


        3. Make your site more secure

Trust is a big thing, especially when customers are ready to give their details or money online. Imagine your customer is about to give you their details and then all of a sudden… they’re hit with a red warning from Google that your site is unsafe. That trust could be ruined.

Starting in January 2017, Google Chrome has flagged unsecure and untrustworthy websites. Simply, this can be a changed by using the encrypted HTTPS connections rather than HTTP, and if your website uses the latter, everyone will know.

The benefit of this includes;

  • Improved security
  • Improved SEO score
  • Trust from website visitors
  • Reduces web attacks

We can help you with this to ensure you don’t lose vital customers or leads to help you stay ahead of the noise. Contact our team or your account manager today.

If you’d like to know a little more on this, visit our blog here.


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