3 reasons why your SEO rankings can differ from each computer search

1. Personalised Results
Enabling the custom or personalised search results feature in Google. If you search for your target keywords many times a week and click on your website; the Google custom search results will show your site ranking much higher than normal. If you want to see the SEO search results that most people see, disable custom search results in the ‘Web History’ section of Google.

2. Other Google Products
If you regularly use other Google programs like Analytics or Gmail you can very often be searching whilst you are logged into your Google account. Once again, unless you have specified to disable web history, Google will personal and customize your SEO search results based on your previous searches.

3. Location / IP
Your location and IP address. Google SEO search results are constantly changing so it is very possible that you could see different search results if you were in Sydney as opposed to Melbourne. This is due to the fact Google has many servers publishing their information and your computer may be accessing a different version of their database than another person from another location. This means if you’re a business based in Sydney you might benefit from targeted SEO campaigns to rank for people searching in NSW. Similarly there are Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne localised SEO strategies┬ábusinesses can benefit from.

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