What are 301 redirects?


A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to another.

Example: if the domain of your previous website was www.domain.com and you want to change to a new domain: www.new-domain.com, then you would need to implement a 301 redirect from www.domain.com to www.new-domain.com.

After you did that, all visitors to the old domain www.domain.com will be redirected to the new domain www.new-domain.com.

According to Google’s research, 301 redirects are particularly useful in the following scenarios:

  • You’ve changed your site to a new domain, and you want to make the transition as seamless as possible.
  • People access your site through several different URLs. If, for example, your homepage can be reached in multiple ways – for instance, http://domain.com/home, http://home.domain.com, or http://www.domain.com – it’s a good idea to pick one of those URLs as your preferred (canonical) destination, and use 301 redirects to send traffic from the other URLs into one which you prefer. You can also use Webmaster Tools to set your preferred domain.
  • You are merging two websites and want to make sure that links to outdated URLs are redirected to the correct pages.

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