43 million Google+ users already

Google+ makes impressive start in public release

After just one week since its official release to the general public, Google+ is reported to have exceeded 40 million subscribers in what has been a remarkable uptake for Google’s latest foray into the world of social media. According to Ancestry.com’ s Paul Allen, those figures exceed 43 million.

43+ million might not seem much in comparison to the 800 million active users Facebook has but given that it’s such early days for Google+ and the fact that Facebook has been around for over seven years – it’s a pretty impressive start from Google.

The figures being thrown about this week are only guess-timations, but considering it took approximately four years for Facebook to reach 100 million users, Google seem on track to surpass that figure quite quickly – especially given that they already have a pre-existing network of Gmail users, a huge domination of the internet search industry worldwide and a globally recognised brand.

The Google+ product is also a very good one – we actually think it’s better than Facebook from a usability perspective.

Google+ is still in beta mode, which means testing is likely to continue until they develop a product they are totally satisfied with. Either way, Google’s latest social media effort has Facebook on their toes and this week they announced a raft of changes to their platform including significant differences to the aesthetics of user profiles.

What does this mean for Australian businesses?

In isolation, the rate of uptake of Google+ isn’t hugely significant but as part of the bigger social media picture, it’s an important development. The rate of popularity of social media in Australia exceeds every developed country according to recent stats released by Nielsen, so social media is probably  more valuable sales channel here than in other countries.

Getting actively involved in social media is important for every modern business. The reality is that online channels are now a part of everyday communication in Australia. Even if you don’t have time to actively engage in social media on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to include relevant social media buttons on your website – this at least ensures that your existing customers can share your content, product offers and other news with friends, family and work colleagues.

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