5 Gifts to Marketing Managers

We don’t only love doing what we do, but we love sharing our experiences and expertise with Marketing Managers in a bid to open a forum for discussion.

We believe sharing information can really change the way we conduct our digital marketing activities, so in order to facilitate this, we’ll be completely transparent about some amazing wins that we think would help Marketing Managers with their ambitions and overall strategy.


Pearl #1: Using RLSA Information to Your Advantage

Your “remarketing lists search ads” (RLSA) can help you reap huge benefits if you have the right strategy to make the most of your information.

RLSA gives you, the marketer, the ability to influence post click behavior on Google search, once people have left your website.  It’s different to re-marketing banners.

We had a client from the fitness industry and using their large re-marketing list, we were able to target these users later when they were searching for something completely different to gyms.

Wedding dresses.

You might say “wedding dresses” have nothing to do with gyms.  Correct.

However, if a user had been considering joining a gym prior, then was looking for wedding dress… this user is the perfect target market for a “bridal bootcamp” aimed to shape women up for their big day.

Imagine what other opportunities you could seize to convert your audience.


Pearl #2: Software to track the businesses visiting your page (and do not enquire)

Investing in software that you can attach to your site to capture potential leads is a must.

Google analytics tells you the traffic, your CRM tells you the leads you’re getting.

What about the names of the businesses on your website which used to be nameless and faceless?


This software goes beyond traditional analytics and tells you

  • What part of your marketing is reaching the right profile of business
  • When old prospects are connecting back with your website
  • Exactly when and the pages these prospects are reviewing on your site


Pearl #3: Saving time with lookalike audiences on Social Media

Juggling a million ads on social media may be a struggle, not to mention coming up with new copy and imagery.

Make your job one step easier with targeting lookalike audiences of groups you’ve seen a significant return from.

Instead of creating new audiences through altering features such as age and location etc. targeting lookalikes does the work for you and targets people similar to the ones who have become customers.

It’s usually only one button to install into your campaign and most social platforms have a similar option.

Pearl #4: Create a Journey of clickable links on Your Website

While updating your blogs will most certainly help with SEO, unless you’re linking to your other posts or pages, you’ll notice a steep drop off as soon as your content is read.

Be sure to link readers to other pages, taking them on a journey to the final destination, such as a landing page to capture a lead or from a blog to a Facebook page.

It takes a lot of time to write good content, so invest the time into knowing exactly what pages and marketing assets you will be using to maximize the number of people who continue to read your content.

Pearl #5: Working together for a mutual goal

We’d be silly if we didn’t address the elephant in the room, but we’ve noticed that agencies and Marketing Managers can butt heads if there isn’t enough communication between the two.

The truth is we’re sharing this information because we love helping companies grow, just like managers do! We particularly love hearing about Marketing Managers getting promoted through a consolidated group effort from our agency work coupled with their direction.

With both groups having the same goal in mind, we can make sure transactions and discussion forums are available to both parties where mutual idea sharing can thrive to improve businesses and build lasting connections.

Plus marketing managers have unique insights into the companies they work for, something agencies can truly benefit from through open discussion.

If you’re a Marketing Manager and you’ve got some tips that could help agencies better understand your work, please leave a comment below.

We’d love to get involved with like-minded marketers and share ideas that could revolutionize how we work and in turn benefit you.

We also have more to share on topics such as SEO and Web Design, which you can view by clicking on those words.

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Looking forward to the revolution!





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