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With social media shaping the digital marketing landscape, the need for engaging content is greater now than ever, no matter the platform.

While you may fancy yourself a con(tent)-artist with some great creative ideas, be sure your tool belt is equipped with these applications to help you bring ease and momentum to your work.






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Although Pinterest and Instagram can be great tools for content inspiration, there’s no point creating a beautiful graphic or cute gif without knowing what topics or themes are engaging consumers (also known as “trending”).

Buzzsumo allows you to discover the topics that actually mean something to your audience, providing a great starting point for you to tailor content to.





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While we all may have an eye for aesthetics, not all of us are graphic designers.

If attempting Photoshop feels like you’re clicking your mouse with a giant sponge finger, Canva is definitely the answer to your prayers.

You can edit photos, add text and create stunning visuals for all your social media channels with the ease of premade templates and layout, all of which are free of charge.





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How you display your content is just as important as the content itself.

This is known as “curating”, which is very much like curating art in a gallery or exhibition space.

The order in which you place your items can have a huge effect on the mood/message you’re trying to convey.

A great means of gaging how your content (particularly on Instagram) will look as a whole on your page is with a collage app that allows you to organize the layout of your work.

Though Piclab isn’t ordinarily used for this, it’s a great hack that comes with plenty of other bonuses for editing your content.





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So you’ve spent an hour creating your content and you’re ready to go live.

All seems well till you realize you’ve posted it with a typo of epic proportions in the caption, costing you credibility and just being plain embarrassing.

Avoid the avoidable by downloading Grammarly.

This free extension detects 10x more spelling and grammatical errors than Microsoft word, allowing you to preempt any mistakes before you take the next step in publishing your work.





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If you’ve been signing in and out of each of your social media accounts to post the same content on all platforms, shame on the person who never introduced you to Hootesuite.

This free CMS allows you to not only post your content on all of your platforms at once, but also gives you the opportunity to analyze performance and generate reports.

While they (and most other similar software) have yet to provide an Instagram publishing plugin, Hootesuite offers more app attachments than any of its’ competitors, putting it ahead of the pack.


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