5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Content

shutterstock_199131008 I’m sure your mum thinks your writing is great. And it probably is. But writing content for a business website? That’s a whole different ballpark. There is so much more to website content than meets the eye but ultimately, it’s about creating value for the readers. Google wants websites to be beneficial and informative, not dissimilar to the household favourite Wikipedia.

We’re going to discuss 5 simple reasons why you refrain from creating your own content (unless you’re qualified… in that case, apologies.)

1)            Running the risk of ‘keyword stuffing’

2)            Putting information “under the fold” We’re all guilty of this. No one has the time to leisurely scroll through every single page to look for the information we’re after. It is reported that readers spend 80% of their time reading above the page fold and 20% under the fold.

This means you have to strategically place the most relevant, transaction converting information ABOVE the fold, in the page’s initially viewable area.

3)            Replicating competitors’ content

Marketing is all about finding a unique selling point and utilising that to your advantage. Unless you have a super cool idea that no one else has ever explored, it’s highly likely that you’re going to be trying to sell the same service or good as someone else. I’m not sure about you, but coming up with new content ideas to intrigue consumers can be pretty tricky!



4)            Butchering the English language with unassuming grammar, spelling and punctuation errors

We has FlowErs in Blu and red. Enough said.

5)            Conflicting colour schemes, fonts and images

We’re all perfectionists in one way or another. Humans naturally like uniformity otherwise your page is just going to look odd and out of sync. Run the same scheme throughout your website for a professional look and only add images where relevant.

As stated above, unless you’re a content specialist, please don’t attempt to create your own website content. Get a qualified digital marketing specialist to help you out and I guarantee you won’t regret it. Disclaimer:

This article was produced as part of a learning initiative for our graduate program. The tips and facts presented are not necessarily shared by roi.com.au



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