5 Tips for Improving your Conversion Rate and Sales Leads

Click Through Rate (CTR) – A critical Adwords performance measure

A high click through rate is a term that most people associate with the company spending the most money on Adwords. Most businesses take the time analyse CTR; and then bypass and focus on sexier metrics like lowest CPC, new keywords, impression share etc.

Here are 5 reasons why you should spend more time improving your CTR:

  • 1. Increase your search engine market share

    Another way of looking at improving your click through rate is increasing your search engine market share. Once your keyword segmentation is refined, click through rate becomes one of your most important levers to increase your traffic. With the right focus improving your click through rate with better ads and positioning is arguably one of the fastest ways you can increase your sales in the shortest amount of time.

  • 2. Get Creative

    Testing new Adwords creative is a brilliant way to test new marketing messaging, offers or market positioning. How much time is wasted discussing whether a marketing idea will work. Spend less time discussing marketing ideas and more time testing your Adwords creative

  • 3. Convert for Less!

    A higher click through rate improves your quality score and most importantly can significantly reduce your cost per click. Who doesn’t like the idea of more clicks, more conversions for less!

  • 4. Increase Sale Conversion

    A higher click through rate will not only increase your clicks, but can also help boost sales conversions. Click through rate is a reflection of your market positioning and value proposition, if you’re creative and website share the same message you will more than likely be rewarded with more sales.

  • 5. Stand Out from the Crowd!

    Google now offers a variety of different ways you can display your adwords creative and boost your CTR with Site links, local links etc.. these options help your business get more clicks, stand out from the crowd and deliver a tailored message to your customers.

Don’t wait for conversions, make them!

It’s time for you to spend more time on click through rate in 2012. If you would like expert advice on best practice copy and methods to cut through your online market, please contact roi.com.au for a free Adwords campaign review.

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