6 tips from ROI.com.au on developing your keyword strategy for a successful SEO campaign

1. Using the Google AdWords keyword tool develop a list of 50 possible keywords that are relevant to your business and generate more than 100 local searchers per month in Australia. When using the Google AdWords tool make sure you select “exact” rather than “broad” otherwise the numbers generated will be too inflated and not indicative of the real search volumes.

2. Generate a ranking report to ascertain where your website is currently ranked in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  It’s important to know the search engine ranking base you are working from. If most of your keywords are not ranking in the top 100 search results your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy needs to start with a niche approach, whereas if you have some top 10 search engine rankings you can be more aggressive in targeting the most popular keywords. If you already have website traffic  statistics you should also refer to this data to check your current traffic sources and this information will assist the development of your SEO strategy.

3. Identify the “money keywords”. These are the most qualified keywords where the Internet user is closer to making a buying decision. Good examples of buying keywords are searchers which include the location such as “office furniture melbourne” or specific keywords such as “French bistro chairs”. These keywords are far more qualified than a search for “furniture” or “chairs”.

4. Identify quick wins in your SEO strategy. Remember the goal is to increase the volume of your qualified search engine traffic in the shortest possible time. This means, targeting qualified keywords which have relative low competition when it comes to search engine optimisation. A good reference guide to levels of SEO competition is the number of search results for a keyword in Google Australia.

5. Treat your SEO and keyword strategy as work in progress. There are always variables you cannot anticipate and opportunities for improvement. So keep monitoring your rankings and traffic and set yourself goals for continuous improvement.

6. If you want fast results and improvements in your website performance, the team at roi.com.au would love to talk to you.

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