7 Tips for Maximising Your Productivity

We all know productivity is an up-and-down thing. With so many factors affecting how well we can work, both individually and as a team, it’s sometimes hard to get that balance.

Let’s look at our 7 tips and advice on increasing productivity.


  1. Clean up the clutter

Keep your desk space organized and minimize clutter with plenty of storage space. It’s important to know the difference between clutter and creative mess. Cluttered spaces can lead to misplacing important documents and items, which can lead to missed deadlines. It is also important to encourage individuals to personalise their workspace to make them feel more comfortable.



  1. Recognise good work and acheivements

Human beings long for social recognition. It is important for employees to know they hard work is recognised and appreciated, as this increases productivity for the individual and also team members. Take a look at this video on The Power of Social Regonition to help inspire you.


  1. Organising your workspace and office

An office setting can really affect productivity and the way we work, from things like our desk, chair, colours, lighting and surroundings.


If you have a large office setting, lay out your office in way that convenient for you and everyone that uses it.  Place communal items, such as printers, in a location that’s accessible for everyone.

Create an open layout, as this helps increase creativity and social interaction between people.


Maximise the natural light into your office as this can increase energy, and use energy savings bulbs where possible.

Chairs and Desks

Office furniture needs to be ergonomic and comfortable, as not to strain the neck or back. Take a look at these tips from Greatist on how to have good posture at your desk.

You can even experiment with standing desks, such as these!


An offices’ surroundings can really impact an individual’s productivity. While music is good for the soul, and some people find it increases productivity, some people can feel highly distracted by it. Nevertheless, music can really amplify energy.

If you have a large office, consider installing partitions, as these can dampen sounds and enhance privacy.

Make your office an enjoyable place to be through design and layout.



  1. Continued training

As they say, you learn something new every day, and there should be no exception in the working environment. Run regular training in your area, and also provide that training department wide. Here at ROI.com.au, we run frequent training sessions for everyone to go to, for example, Facebook advertising and the web development process. We make these training sessions available for everyone to allow them to build on their knowledge and skills, and it also helps to increase team work and communication.



  1. A good CRM

If your business has a lot of employees across different departments, it’s extremely helpful to have a CRM that helps improve productivity, communication and to help manage workload. Here, you can schedule work, integrate email providers and many more that can help be more organised with every day work and longer projects.


  1. Stay hydrated and fuelled

A simple one. As humans, we need water and food; it’s what gives us energy for the day. Water is proven to be better for health and productivity than coffee, tea and sugary drinks. Having a cool, communal water supply available for everyone will encourage staff to stay hydrated during the course of the day. Even having fruit available around the office will help give that natural energy boost (and also encourage that healthy eating regime!).


  1. Adjust your computer screen settings

This is one that can often get overlooked. Having the best settings on your computer screen can really make a difference. Dimming the brightness can help to increase concentration. Research suggests that exposure to excessive light can disrupt work flow, concentration and productivity. One tool we have found useful is f.lux. This tool helps adjust your screen according to the time of day to help increase focus for longer.


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