A Brief Refresher on Organic SEO

What does organic SEO mean?

In the world of online marketing, there are two ways to get visitors to your website: organic SEO and paid search advertising, also known as pay-per-click (PPC). The major difference between the two is that one, SEO, is a technically cost-free method, while PPC requires some sort of monetary investment. Each approach offers unique advantages, and most website owners employ some combination of the two.

Organic or natural SEO is the practice of making changes to the pages of a website that makes its content easier for a search engine to access. To use a simple analogy, try to imagine a world without traffic signs. How would you find your way around in a new city? Traffic signs, such as those that indicate how many miles until you reach the next town, make travelling that much more convenient and safe for drivers and pedestrians alike. SEO provides a similar type of direction in the world of online marketing, leading search engines to the most appropriate web pages for each individual search query.

How do organic SEO rankings work?

Each search engine, whether it’s Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, utilizes automated programs called ‘spiders’ or ‘bots’, which ‘crawl’ the Internet’s pages and documents. The content found during the crawls is indexed in a huge database that is instantly accessible upon receipt of a search query by any given user. SEO functions in two major capacities. First, it attempts to make the pages of a site more spider-friendly through a series of technical improvements including fixing broken links and embedding keywords in site content. Second, organic SEO endeavors to create a site that is more appealing to web users, mostly through the creation of valuable content.

High-quality content induces other people to link to your website, which shows the spiders that your content is worthwhile and relevant. The more people you can get to link to your content—through the legitimate value of what you have to offer, rather than black hat tactics—the better. Our organic SEO services can assist in creating relevant, first-rate content that will direct users to your website now and well into the future.

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