A greater number of relevant keywords for higher “long tail” traffic and increased conversions

According to the latest findings of Marketing Sherpa, Internet searchers correct or add to their inputted search keywords rather than blame search engines for incorrect results. An overwhelming 82% of searchers added more keywords to the same search engine for narrowing down on the correct search-result pages rather than going to an another search engine in search for better results.

This shows that increasing the number of relevant keywords that point web-visitors to the correct buying /browsing action almost always deliver better returns. Buying behaviour is a complex action with numerous interrelated activities like information-research, product/service comparison, brand-reputation reinforcements, purchase-incentives and service-delight inducements.

Having different popular/relevant keywords within your website copy and optimising for inner pages rather than just the higher level homepage will produce the desired results in that the pages searchers find will be more relevant and allow for more “long tail optimisation” on your website. As research has shown, a greater number of targeted keywords not only attract more traffic but also boost conversion rates as they appeal to the right audience when targeted to their desired action (form filling out, downloading or purchasing).

A broader keyword strategy and focusing on broader content on your website will allow for a number of different searchers to find your website and some of these hits may even result in conversions. For example a hotel website should not only mention details about the hotel facilities, room décor, rates but also about the key tourist attractions in the area. This will attract tourists, new/regular hotel guests and also key influencers like travel agents. Here are some proven means of enhancing your keyword selection and placement strategies in your organic search engine optimisation strategy:
Keyword Relevancy-The popularity of the Internet is booming and hence web surfers are often faced with a wide range of website choices. Having more relevant keywords in both the title-tag as well as the webpage content helps them find the right page quickly (top results in the search engine result pages). Search engines deeply favour websites that have a sufficient amount of relevant keywords and phrases as it increases the relevancy of the webpage to the keyword/phrase query.

Prominence & Density – Prominence & density are two important factors linked to higher search engine rankings. The closeness-level of your main keywords/phrases on the top of the webpage gives it more prominence for the search engine spiders (measured as a percentage). Always try to keep relevant keywords / phrases within the top portion of your content; with the prominence being at least sixty percent. Keyword density is the percentage a keyword / phrase repeats itself on a webpage. Ideally, density should be between 2 and 5 percent. While there is no concrete rule on this one, you should not go above 7 percent (as search engines could penalise the offending keyword stuffed webpage).

Keep It Updated- Update your web pages with new relevant copy to prevent your website from becoming outdated and moving down in search result rankings. It generally takes new web pages some months to show up in search engine results. One way of overcoming this issue could be by adding dynamic content through a blog which is an effective way to link relevant content to your website, without having to build additional pages to your site, particularly if you have a static website.

Avoid Repetition – Search engines are these days cracking down on redundancy by penalising websites that have duplicated content. Always avoid repeating blocks of keywords/content across your webpages and be careful not to have content that may be present on other websites.

Monitor Your Traffic – Successful web-marketers always track high performing keywords and link them to the evolving consumer behaviour. This enables them to plan keyword options and their placement tactics in advance to enhance conversion and relevancy of their web-pages consistently.

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