A Review of Valentine’s Day 2012 Online

How online behaviours influenced buying habits for Valentine’s Day 2012

Valentine’s Day shopping is taking off. The latest Google Insights report focuses on the annual day of love, analysing how the online sphere contributed to buyers behaviours. The results are wholly insightful, providing business with an look at just how their customers are approaching buying and searching for gifts online.

As outlined by the report, 50% of retail sales will be influenced by previous web research and analysis in 2012. That means that around half of your customers will be jumping online before they head in-store to research what’s hot and who is selling it for the best possible price. If it’s available to buy online, odds are that they’ll purchase it rather than wasting time at the shopping centre, making it vital to tap into the eCommerce market for future sales.

What gifts were most popular for Valentines 2012?

Jewellery was the gift that was splurged on most – understandably given the price associated with a pretty diamond necklace or ring. Dining out was the next biggest, with romantic dinner dates a big hit for couples on the trail of love. The next four items were flowers, clothing, chocolates and greeting cards – the traditional go-to gifts for Valentines.

Men were also identified as the ones to spend the most on that special someone for Valentines, forking out over $150 on average – double what women spent.

Customers are searching for these gifts earlier and more often

The report highlighted how people tried to get their act together for Valentines 2012, researching their purchase earlier than they did in 2011. Popular items also saw an increase in search volume, outlining the point that people are now researching and buying gifts more often online. Not surprisingly, in-store sales became more frequent the closer we got Valentine’s Day, providing people with the instant purchase factor that online delivery turnaround times can’t match.

What does all this mean for Australian businesses?

A few things. For starters, look at ways your business can take advantage of holiday shopping trends and get in early with your approach with targeted SEO campaigns. You might not sell a product that is popular as a gift, but maybe an article or video that relates to the occasion could provide you with an increase in traffic.

With Easter and Mother’s Day quickly approaching, the insights provided by this Google report will go a great way towards assisting you to shape an informed online marketing approach. As always, the team at roi.com.au are ready and able to assist with all your digital marketing needs – simply call 1300 650 274 to enquire more.

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