Adapting SEO for universal search

What is Universal Search?

Google and other leading search engines have acknowledged that today searchers are looking for images, videos, maps and even news in addition to the regular web-content.

By indexing these different types of content, search engines are attempting to become even more relevant to the needs of Internet surfers. Universal search is therefore the integration of multiple media types into the final search results – combining most of the different vertical databases into one index to provide Internet-surfers a single, more relevant set of search-results.

These search results are blended together – incorporating content from news stories, local sources, blogs, images, videos and even regular webpages. The universal search tool instantly inter-weaves information from different categories to provide the searcher with the best single-view results. For online marketers, universal search presents new opportunities to improve their search engine rankings by optimising their visual content, blogs & news feeds and providing visitors with the most relevant information options.

Implementing Universal Search SEO

Universal Search is beginning to impress Internet surfers as they no longer need to visit different sites for their needs. For example when searching for a singer, universal search will not only list his biographical articles, latest press releases but also video content of his performances taken from relevant YouTube postings. No wonder marketing experts are fine tuning their SEO strategies to effectively leverage Universal Search functionalities for better visibility and relevance of their web content.

Here are some Universal Search SEO initiatives that you need to implement on your sites:

  1. Image search: Allow your customers to locate you through attention grabbing, carefully tagged, quickly downloadabe images that use popular keywords in their descriptions/captions. Crisp and accurate image tags help search engine spiders to easily understand their meaning and show the images in relevant result pages.
  2. News search: Always update your press releases and keep your web-content more newsworthy to enable it to be indexed as news. This attracts news searching web surfers. 
  3. Video search: If you want to use video or flash movies in your online promotions maximize its reach by using appropriate file names & tags that function as its descriptive-keywords. By creating captions, transcriptions, & other useful content for your online videos, you draw many more hits. You could also post your videos on Google Video, YouTube and other file-sharing websites for maximizing its exposure.
  4. Map search: Web surfers love to locate their desired destinations on the web by using online maps at Google or Yahoo. By listing your business with Local Business Center of Google you gain from higher rankings when users are looking for localised content in a particular area.
  5. Blog search: By adding a corporate blog to your website and updating it with fresh content regularly (using relevant keywords) you can easily attract many new users. As search engines love new content, keeping your blogs populated with easy to read and updated content (using popular keywords) is a smart SEO tactic that enables you to boost your search engine result pages.  

Universal Search is increasingly becoming popular with online consumers as it simplifies content search across multiple data points. It enables users to find all forms of web content related to a particular topic or subject. This approach has increased the ability of Internet surfers to locate content by the chosen topic instead of by where it is archived.

Additionally internal employees no longer have to sift through numerous files on the companies intranet / shared network drive. Instead they can save time by using Universal Search advantages to quickly & efficiently locate their desired information.

Universal search is the future of finding information online. Now, is a good time for your business to consider how you can position yourself to be ahead of the game in the new search arena.

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