Advanced SEO Techniques Even a Beginner Can Understand

Advanced SEO involves building on your basic strategy

If you are looking for advanced SEO techniques to take your website performance to the next level, then content both on- and off-page will be a key element of your strategy. When preparing and advanced SEO strategy, it’s important that you have consistently applied the basics of search engine optimisation and you have genuinely exhausted basic SEO options.

Basics include on-site optimisation such as individual title tags across your site, use of and tags, targeting traffic-generating key phrases, using SEO friendly URLs and a XML sitemap.

If you have these covered, then looking at advanced optimisation techniques is the next step. An advanced optimisation campaign for your website is not all that complex technically, it just requires consistent application of proven techniques.

Advanced SEO Techniques

Article and blog submissions – Providing quality content to external sites and web 2.0 properties and linking back to your website is a great way of generating traffic. Rather than viewing strong external sites and blogs as a linking opportunity, look at them as an opportunity to extend the reach of your brand and make an impression on an untapped marketed. There are hundreds of bloggers looking for guest writers – take the time to discover blogs relevant to your website and submit your content.

Internal linking structure – Navigation and user experience are vital to ensure you get more from your existing site visitors. An advanced strategy for internal links will help visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and easily and ensures Google knows which page you are trying to rank for respective key phrases.

Social media marketing – Australia leads the way in social media usage and considering that use of social media platforms is completely free, it’s ridiculous not to take advantage. Getting social media profiles for your business will increase visibility of your brand – which means more people searching for your business. Social media interaction is also a ranking factor for Google so there’s a dual benefit.

Site Speed – Another ranking factor for Google, site speed is a crucial element of any advanced SEO strategy. Site speed can come down to a number of different things, which taken in isolation don’t add up to a whole lot. However, when you take all of these elements together it can impact significantly on your sites speed.

Red Tape – Timing is vital in SEO. Whether in-house or outsourced, your hands-on SEO person really needs the autonomy to act on what they see as important changes to a website. If it has to go through a supervisor, who presents it to a manager, who in turn presents it to the board of directors a week later for final approval, the opportunity is lost. SEO is a dynamic environment which requires quick decision making.

Examples of factors which can improve the speed (or latency) of a website include the amount of files referenced and size of image files; hosting; reducing the use of 301 redirects; correct use of java script and minimising the amount of code used on your site. Site speed can currently be tracked in your Google Webmaster Tools account under Labs> Site Performance with Google offering suggestions on how to improve page load speed.

Advanced Search Engine Optimisation from

If you are keen to take your search engine optimisation strategy to the next level, can help. Our advanced SEO strategies are aligned to your business goals – we tailor our efforts to meet your objectives and work to ensure you get the best possible return from your online investment. Please visit our SEO page for more information on how SEO can help you.

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