Adwords Change Drives Better Results

Google Adwords just got a whole lot smarter with the release of a new feature that could rapidly increase website traffic and re-define campaign strategies.

‘Callouts’ increase real estate by 33%, adding a separate line of text that can be used to promote special offers, new products or unique aspects of a business.

The text can be scheduled for set periods – such as during a campaign – changed on the fly and even optimised to appeal to mobile device users.

ROI is one of the first digital marketing agencies in Australia to offer Callouts. Our data reveals a significant jump in click throughs and, as the graph below shows, a potential reduction in the average cost per click.


Overall, initial results show Adwords click throughs have increased by an average of 80% with some customers reporting almost a three-fold increase in traffic.

A minimum of two and up to four Callouts can be displayed and there is no limit on how many can be tested.

Potential customers respond better to Callouts that are succinct and specific. They can be used in conjunction with sitelinks to improve messaging and provide additional information but Callouts are not clickable.

In the example below, each Callout is 12-15 characters (more like a bullet point than a sentence), clear and uses capitals sparingly.


Callouts are free. But they can only be used on ads that appear in the top three search results and the standard pay-per-click model still applies.

ROI recommends trialling a number of different Callout extensions to determine which are getting the best results. We expect big increases in click through rates will reduce when Callouts are made available to all advertisers.

Reasons to use Callouts

  • Promote unique selling points
  • Test messaging that can be integrated on your landing page
  • Increase the number of click throughs
  • Be general or specific by adding Callouts at an ad group, campaign or account level
  • Schedule the dates, days and time of day Callouts appear to coincide with specific campaigns

We’re excited by the early results we’re seeing with Callouts and we encourage you to ask us any questions you have about how they can work best for you.

Find out more about Google Adwords here.

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