AdWords destination URLs

What are AdWords Destination URLs?

AdWords Destination URLs are most commonly identified within the ads – however most people don’t know that you can assign Destination URLs to keywords.

Destination URLs mean that a visitor to your website, from AdWords, can be directed to the page that is most relevant to their search, rather than just the home page. Generally, destination URLs work from ad group levels. A women’s clothing shop, for example, would differentiate URLs depending on whether a person is looking for dresses or handbags.

However, Destination URLs can be assigned to keyword within those ad groups. There may be people searching for handbags by colour, season or event. It would therefore make more sense for someone who is looking for a ‘beach bag’ not be sent to a page full of clutch bags.

Destination URLs aid e-commerce sites particularly as there are less roadblocks to an individual making a purchase, and usually present lower bounce rates, as the person has found what they are looking for straight away.

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