AdWords Impression Share

What is Google AdWords impression share?

Google Ad words impression share shows the amount of times your pay-per-click ads displayed as a percentage of total impressions available to the respective ad cluster – impressions for which your ads were eligible to appear.

To see impression share data for the ads in your Google AdWords campaign, sign into your Google account and click on Campaigns > All online campaigns > Customise columns (in drop-down tab) > tick the Impr. Share  box in the left panel and save. The data will now appear in your statistics table.

What you can learn from impression share in your AdWords account

Impression share is a valuable metric in making a comparison between your Google AdWords campaign and your Google SEO campaign. For example, if your impression share for your PPC campaign was 50%, that would suggest that you are missing out on half of the opportunity to win a share of traffic searching for your product or service.

If the keywords you are targeting in your PPC campaign are only displaying 50% of the time, it’s worthwhile drawing a comparison between that and the keywords you are targeting in your SEO campaign – are your keywords displaying on the first page of Google? Are a significant number of those organic keywords displaying at the top of the first page? The important thing with impression share is not to take it in isolation and rush into improving it – it may cost you more money on a campaign that might otherwise be ineffective or inaccurate.

Improving impression share in your Google AdWords account

If you feel your campaign is delivering the right clientele but not the right numbers, then improving your impression share may be relevant. Quality score, budget, the quality of ad copy and poor ad segmentation are some of the key factors that will influence your impression share and may restrict the opportunity to improve your impression share – if you want to improve it. If you have a high impression share then you need to work on improving your click-through-rate, focus on new campaigns or else improve your SEO efforts.

Improving your impression share can happen in a variety of ways – primarily by increasing your budget and your maximum bid. However, adjusting your geographic targeting and creating more specific ad groups for each of your products and services rather than one generic ad type are likely to have a positive impact. Similarly, ad copy that appeals to your target market is likely to improve your impression share.

It’s also important to look at where you are advertising – on Google search only or on the Display Network. Altering placement targeting in the your display ads can also improve your ad impression share.

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