AdWords Invalid Clicks

Q. What are AdWords invalid clicks and how do I stop them?

A. AdWords invalid clicks are clicks that Google identifies as being fraudulent. Generally, the most common explanation is that competitors are clicking on your ads. Google recognises invalid clicks on AdWords after a particular IP address is identified as having clicked on the ad numerous times.

For all the AdWords invalid clicks that Google identifies, money is refunded in the form of credit back into your account. However in competitive areas with high costs per click, invalid clicks can dramatically affect how long the ad is being shown throughout the day – as lost money is not instantly refunded.

This means ads could stop running early. For ideas on clicks that are not as popular, so less prone to being constantly clicked by your competitors, you can use the AdWords keyword tool, which can help you find long tail keyword threads. However, the only way to combat AdWords invalid clicks entirely is to employ click fraud software that identifies the IP addresses of people consistently clicking and ban them for good!

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