Digital Harmony: What is it and does it really exist?

by: Ewan Watt 3.0 min read

Digital Harmony: What is it and does it really exist?


“Digital Harmony” is a term we use a lot here at ROI. It is when all your digital marketing works well together.

You may think all of your digital marketing is perfect. You have someone looking after your website, social media, SEO, Adwords, etc… but everyone else is doing that too.

So let’s break down the concept of digital harmony at a deeper level:

  1. AUDIENCE: How aligned are all of your keywords, social media advertising and your email marketing to your primary target audience?
  2. MESSAGE: How consistent is your brand message across all forms of digital media: Adwords, SEO, Google My Business & social media? It’s amazing how many times I see an Adwords Ad look different to the SEO meta description.
  3. WHY YOU? How consistently are you communicating your company’s point of difference on Adwords, SEO and social media?
  4. KAPOW: Does your website, click funnel or landing page reflect the advertising message used to reach the customer?
  5. CONNECT: Does your social media, email and website all offer the same way to engage with your business? Or does one page offer a free e-book, one page a free quote, and one page a special offer?
  6. CONVERT: Does your online chat or sales team understand your target audience, digital messaging, value proposition and how different you are from your competition?

Digital harmony offers 6 points of opportunity to win new customers… or 6 points of failure.

In reviewing over 1000+ digital marketing campaigns, I have rarely seen digital harmony. This disconnect in marketing is going to make it harder to see real trends and opportunities in your reporting.

Let me put this concept to the test:

Example client: a designer furniture store

Note 1: Immediately you can see “furniture stores Melbourne” is so broad… but there is an opportunity to save 80% of your budget by excluding most of these keywords. WRONG MARKET

Note 2: I am looking for designer furniture stores in Melbourne, and I don’t think any of these companies have nailed it.

  • How many stores do they have in Melbourne, what is their address and are they near me?
  • What type of designer furniture do they offer?
  • What price point is each company at?
  • What is their point of difference? Is it price, biggest range, convenience or unique stock?

The Kapow Moment!

All of this effort into marketing, but does the website “seal the deal”?
  • Lounge Lovers have a 50% off sale which was not featured on their Google Adwords Ad.
  • CM Furniture offers “custom furniture”, but I’m not convinced this is the same as “designer furniture”.

It’s great to see they have reinforced their Melbourne presence, but it is not clear how I work with their business and their turnaround times.

My suggestions for “Kapow Moments” for these businesses would be:

  • Pictures of their best selling or most unique items in stock for Autumn
  • Photos of the store, in-store experience, and links on how to get to the store
  • “Fear of missing out” offer that highlights limited stock or “Sale ending by X date”
  • First time customer incentives, like by entering an email address the customer receives X incentive or rebate on their first purchase.

As you can see from this one example, there is so much opportunity to “take stock” and really challenge our current digital marketing, create harmony and win more of the customers you want with a better ROI. 

If you want help with your digital marketing, drop us a note.

Thanks for reading!


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