An integrated approach to online marketing

You understand that you need to develop your online marketing strategy however, particularly in 2009, you are limited by greater budget constraints.

You decide to commission a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agency to guide and implement the strategy, but you already know that you would like to develop a PPC campaign to promote your website. The SEM agency disagrees.

Improve your organic listings in Google with SEO

Identify weak pointsYou are keen on the PPC campaign but the SEM agency has assessed your homepage and their findings indicate that there are a number of usability blunders on the page that will very severely impact conversation rates. They indicate that you should rather focus a percentage of your available funds to redeveloping the homepage, which will act as your PPC landing page.

Given the budget limit, you will not able to set up an optimal PPC account and for this reason, the agency recommends a targeted local search optimisation strategy.

Moving towards seamless integration

The SEM agency correctly identified that unless you target the weakest element of your strategy, which was your website, the return on a PPC campaign would be negative. The agency has redirected your money to the area where it will work the hardest for you.

Assuming the redesign is successful and a couple of months of local search optimisation deliver some solid sales from your website, you now have the required funds to allocate to a PPC campaign.

Always taking it to the next level of success

As the PPC campaign is further developed, the analytics data indicates that there are a number of keywords that have very high conversion rates but with quite a high cost-per-click. The SEM agency recommends the development of a long-term search engine optimisation strategy to capitalise on the keywords that have been identified as the ‘money terms’ for your business.

By doing this, in the long-term you will be getting the clicks for these keywords at no cost in the natural search engine results. What this does, is free up further money in your PPC campaign to target the long-tail keywords more effectively or move forward with analytics goal setting and funnel analysis, to further evaluate any weak points on your website.

Final words

The key point behind the above example is to seamlessly integrate your online marketing strategy as optimally as possible. The goal is for the various elements of your strategy to work together and reinforce each other. Just because you have a PPC campaign or you are doing SEO, this does not mean that your online marketing is covered. Is your bottom line increasing? Is you cost-per-sale lower online than through other mediums? Ask your SEM agency what they recommend in taking your online strategy to the next level.

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