Are Facebook Subscriptions Declining?

Recent reports have suggested that there has been a drop in the number of Facebook subscribers in the US and Canada. A small number of independent observers have revealed figures that Facebook subscriptions are beginning to fall off in North America, which may leave observers here wondering – what about Facebook in Australia? Is a decline in the use of Facebook something Australian business owners should be concerned about?

No sign of decline in Facebook in Australia

Australia needs to be taken in isolation when it comes to social media. Even within the internet as a whole, Australian users tend to behave differently to global counterparts – 50% of the Australian population has Facebook accounts and over 50% of internet users here regularly use mobile devices to browse online. Similarly, Google usage in Australia is higher than in most other geographical regions, including North America. In the US and Canada, Yahoo and Bing have made (albeit small) inroads into Google’s dominance of the search engine marketplace.

In North America, Yahoo and Bing (almost evenly) share over 15% of the market whereas in Australia Google obliterates the competition with close to 95% market share (according to Stat Counter).

There has been nothing to suggest that Facebook numbers in Australia have dropped off and with in excess of 10 million users, it’s likely to be a huge sales channel for Australian businesses for a long time to come.

It also must be noted that any drop in Facebook registration has to be taken in context. Facebook currently have around 700 million global subscribers, which is over 10% of the global population. The bulk of growth in recent years has come from countries that are slow to adopt to new technologies for economic (and even political) reasons, so this new data is no startling revelation. A slowdown in Facebook registration in developed countries such as the US, the UK, Canada and Australia simply has to happen eventually but any decline would need to be viewed in the context of larger spread of data.

As Facebook creates little or no cost for business owners (unless advertising on Facebook), the cost of any decline in registration is likely to be low, so these reports are unlikely to create a major issue, however relying entirely on Facebook presents it’s own concern.

Don’t rely solely on Facebook for your online strategy

There has been a definite increase in the number of small businesses using Facebook in Australia. It provides a cost effective means of exposing a brand to a target audience but it can be slow getting the foothold necessary to drive consistent sales. A comprehensive online marketing strategy should include Facebook and social media, SEO and PPC campaigns in order to deliver the best return on investment in the short, medium and long-term.

To get more from your online presence, Facebook Optimisation can play an important part of your search engine marketing strategy. If you would like help with your search marketing strategy, call today on 1300 650 274.

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