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Growth Insight with Ewan Watt –

Hands down the most cost effective way to re-engage with your website visitors.

When you visit a website for the first-time, do you buy?

Probably not. If you are like much of the team at ROI.COM.AU, more than likely you continue your google search and visit some additional websites offering the same or similar product/service before narrowing down your research to your preferred. Then once you’ve made your decision, you will go back to one of the websites you have visited and purchase… or may return to the search a month or two later and repeat the process and then purchase.

So an ‘Assisted Conversion’ is basically an investment in remarketing to your website visitors leading up to the conversion.

Consider this:

  1. What is your remarketing list size? Not your email list. They are different.
  2. What do you do with your remarketing list? How do you use it?
  3. What budget do you attribute to ‘Assisted Conversions’?


  1. Most businesses don’t know they have a remarketing list from their website
  2. Invest into reengaging your website visitors into assisting conversions on your website – our example demonstrates the revenue wins that can be made

If you compare the ability to reach your defined audiences through investment in Assisted Conversions or through traditional forms of advertising, remarketing is hands down the most cost effective way to
reengage with your website visitors.

Is this part of your marketing strategy? What sort of focus does it get? Does your business or team understand the incredible value in assisting conversions and what it could do for the bottom line?
Imagine presenting a graph of growth as a result of this.

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