Are You Sabotaging Your SEO Company’s Work?

It cannot be denied that when things go wrong with the SEO work, which generally means your search engine placement rankings going down, the SEO company gets the blame!

This might seem logical because the SEO company has been commissioned to improve search engine ranking results, so it is only natural that the blame would fall on them.

What is SEO? Why is it important?

BUT, are you doing something internally to sabotage the work and bring those rankings down? Here follows a list of some of the things that companies do to bring their own rankings down:

#1. Updating your site without consulting your SEO company
This is a very common mistake that gives SEO companies a big headache because what usually happens is this: the company webmaster uploads new graphics or a press release to the site but by mistake saves an older version of the site over the new one. If this goes unnoticed, the ranking results could very quickly start to drop and once the drop is noticed, of course the blame goes to the SEO company.

#2. Accepting links + linking to other sites

Your business may get a large number of link requests and sometimes accepting this request may be beneficial to your business. But, if you actively link to out a website that itself becomes penalised; your site could in turn face the penalty.

Poor quality inbound links can have a significantly negative impact on your site’s rankings and this is also a difficult problem for the SEO company to diagnose, especially if they do not know you are accepting inbound links. Your SEO company should review all your inbound link reviews and coordinate the process when certain link requests are accepted.

#3. Trying your own SEO tactics

Perhaps clients sometimes do not quite appreciate that SEO is a long-term commitment, that results cannot be rushed and the process requires patience. If a client decides to start ‘complementing’ the company’s SEO efforts with their own SEO, this could lead to a number of problems. Your efforts could nullify that of the SEO company’s or it could even reverse any of the steps that have been taken to improve rankings.

The bottom line is that there needs to be a high level of communication between the SEO company and the client at all times. If problems arise because of in-house efforts that were not communicated to the SEO company, this could easily result in many wasted hours of not working on the SEO strategy but rather trying to identify where things went wrong.

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