Are your Facebook sales leads going unnoticed?

WE ALL know about the unending rise of Facebook as a communication tool.

So it makes sense that more and more Australians now make enquiries by sending messages directly to a business’s Facebook page.

That means that in 2016, not monitoring and responding to your Facebook messages is the equivalent of letting the phone ring out or not logging in to check sales emails.

Yet too many businesses are unaware of this. And they are costing themselves sales.

An example of how slow responses can mean business leads are lost.
An example of how slow responses can mean business leads are lost.


Not only do customers expect social customer service to be accurate, supportive and exist across a variety of social platforms, they expect it to be exceptionally fast.

As a general rule, Facebook users expect a response within 24 hours. If they don’t get it, they’ll do business elsewhere.

Imagine this…..You are chasing a quote for a car service and you sent direct messages to the three closest garages you could find within Facebook’s directory.

One responds to you within 10 minutes. The price sounds fairly standard and they can do the job at three different times this week.

The other garage finally responds to you three days later and the third never replies at all.

Which one would you book with? It’s obvious…

The newest generation of adults prefer the convenience of making in-the-moment decisions from the object that controls much of their lives – their smartphones.  Like it or not, it’s the way of the future.

This example shows have effective Facebook messages can be when done promptly.
This example shows have effective Facebook messages can be when done promptly.

The use of social media on Smartphones has become such a habit for Australians that Facebook is now starting to encroach on the territory of search engine behemoth Google.

Facebook is technically not a search engine. It’s a social media platform. However it is making constant gains in online search and it’s search function is being used more and more as a business directory.

Even if a Page has not been updated in months, it is still discoverable within Facebook – which is why it’s imperative that business keep checking Facebook notifications properly, particularly private messages.

The bottom line is – if a business exists on a social media network, it is more than likely going to receive questions and complaints from its customers – weekly, daily, hourly or even every few minutes.

Don’t be one of the many businesses in 2016 that find unread sales enquires that are weeks old. offers solutions for business unable to monitor Facebook every minute of the day.  Contact us to find out more.

Keep these tips in mind when going social with your customer service:

  • Establish an overall customer service strategy for your brand’s social media.
  • Create helpful, pre-written responses for general inquiries.
  • Develop a schedule that clearly states who is managing which social media account at what time. While software can be very helpful for scheduling and tracking posts, it is crucial that someone logs into your brand’s social media accounts regularly to check up on things and respond to more complex messages.
  • If a customer service problem will require additional time and support, do not put off responding to the customer’s message! A message stating that you are currently working to resolve the issue, providing a timeline or more information about the problem or sharing the contact information of someone who can help them further will be much more appreciated than no response at all.


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