Australia Top’s Global Social Media Usage [INFOGRAPHIC]

Huge increase in mobile social media usage amongst older adults

Social media trends from media research experts Nielsen reveal that Australians use social media more than any other developed country – at least for the ten national markets researched in Nielsen’s Social Media Report: Q3 2011.

The social media usage in Australia covers social network and blogs, both of which should form part of any online marketing strategy given the audience levels.

What does this social media report mean for Australian businesses?

This study focuses primarily on trends in the US, but there is still a lot Australian companies can take from it in order to get ahead of the curve when using social media for business pursuits.

  • The report reveals that Tumblr (What is Tumblr?) has seen a massive increase in usage – going close to tripling it’s numbers in a year. Using Tumblr as a blogging or online sharing platform is a viable add-on to any social media strategy and it’s pretty SEO friendly in terms of set-up, so there is no reason why it can’t have a positive effect on your SEO campaign.
  • Pinterest is another social media platform that is growing in popularity amongst adults – as outlined in our article ‘What is Pinterest?’ – making it a great social media outlet for businesses to take advantage of.
  • The report also shows that use of social media on smartphones amongst adults is on the rise. The 18-34 age bracket saw a 61% increase, the 35-54 increased by 68% and the over-55 age group saw an increase of 109%. That mean’s more opportunity to target older demographics through social media and mobile networks.

Is your social media strategy lacking?

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