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google plus logoAdoption rate of Google+ been low, but that trend looks to be changing. Usage in the USA is growing at a rate of knots, with a recent study showing Google+ was rated as a more easy to use interface than Facebook.

It seems Facebook’s shortcomings are turning into Google+’s strengths, with constant interface changes and pushy advertisements driving more people to +1 more than they Like.

Google+’s benefits in terms of online marketing have been well documented. As a result, even though the consumer base hasn’t embraced it completely, there are still a lot of top Australian businesses doing their thing on Google+.

10 Australian businesses who are using Google+ the right way:

  • 1. NAB

    NAB uses its Google+ page to introduce its social media team. Each post is then tag lined by one of the five team members. Their content varies from latest products to sponsored segments to staff achievements.

    Check out the NAB Google+ Page.

  • 2. Vodafone Australia

    Vodfone uses Google+ to push a lot of its own products and services in an interactive way. They have regular segments, one of which is their Software Update Weekly Wrap taking place on a Wednesday – a great idea for keeping people coming back for more.

    Check out the Vodafone Australia Google+ Page.

  • 3. ABC

    The ABC, being a TV station, offer a fair bit in terms of video content. They also share a few select news stories that they find to be relevant, as well as a host of interviews. Their Google+ posts are much like their programs – eclectic in their genres.

    Check out the ABC Google+ Page.

  • 4. RAAF

    The Royal Australian Air Force Google+ page is an interesting one as they are trying to sell an experience rather than a product or service. It’s all about marketing their brand to entice people to join up, and they do it in a fairly interactive way.

    Check out the RAAF Google+ Page.

  • 5. Coles Online

    Coles Online don’t post on a daily basis, but when they do you can be sure that the content is well thought out. With the focus being on their online shopping service, the supermarket chain looks to competitions and promos as their mode of content sharing.

    Check out the Coles Online Google+ Page.

  • 6. Australian Open

    The Australian Open Google+ page is a great case study as it revolves around an event that online gets exposure in January each year. As a result, their page looks to the past. Video highlights of past finals, top ten articles about players and matches, and more feature regularly. Posts are frequent too which is somewhat surprising!

    Check out the Australian Open Google+ Page.

  • 7. Sydney Opera House

    Another interesting Google+ page. The Opera House, like the RAAF, is selling an experience rather than a product. Interestingly they don’t plug upcoming events very much, rather focusing on artist profiles and informative video pieces.

    Check out the Opera House Google+ Page.

  • 8. Australian Gourmet Traveller

    Australian Gourmet Traveller sticks to it’s name – great food and great places to visit if you are a food lover. They also throw in a few competitions and everything is really visually focused.

    Check out the Australian Gourmet Traveller Google+ Page.

  • 9. Amnesty International

    Amnesty International looks at a wide range of human rights topics from around the globe on their G+ page. They keep it topical – at time of writing they had a human rights piece related to the London Olympics – and most of their content is links to external sites.

    Check out the Amnesty International Google+ Page.

  • 10. – OUR PICK!

    A shameless plug! posts a wide range of information to our Google+ page, relating everything back to Australian businesses. From industry news to company information, we strive to provide a unique taste of how we go about our business. If you are an Australian company looking to get ahead online, our page is a great information source.

    Check out the Google+ Page.

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