Australian Internet and Social Media Statistics – 2018 Usage Data

by: Kim Boxhall 2.7 min read

The digital world is changing every day – are you keep your marketing in line with the trends and statistics?

There’s no doubt that social media is now at the forefront of marketing, consumerism and everyday life. We’ve collated the most recent stats for Australia that reflect the surge of social media and internet usage in 2018.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that there were around 14.7 million internet subscribers at the end of June 2018 – a 3.6% increase from the end of December 2017. In addition, Sensis finds that almost 8 in 10 people (79%) now use social media, which is 10 points higher than last year.

The most important data for business is where Australians are spending this browsing time, and social media blows all other channels out of the water. 94% of Social Media users are active on Facebook, with the average user spending 10 hours per week on the site, showing just how important social media is to business and marketing.

Facebook is therefore leading the way, but the visual social platforms are growing in popularity. Instagram has recently seen a 15 point jump in users (from 31% to 46%). Snapchat saw the biggest growth, with usage almost doubling from 22% to 40% this year. Twitter has also seen a surge in usage, up from 19% to 32%.

The usage rates are soaring higher than ever. More than a third of people now access social media more than five times per day (35%), which is up from 26% last year. Among 18-29 year olds 89% check-in at least once per day.

Portable Internet vs Desktop Internet Usage – 2018 Social Media Statistic

Sensis’ report gives a great insight into a huge gap in social media that shows businesses failing to capitalise on a prominent digital presence. 49% of small businesses and 42% of medium businesses have no social media presence. On top of this, of those that do 66% of small businesses, 51% of medium businesses and 48% of large businesses are failing to use paid social media advertising. These figures are an improvement from last year, but still display an incredibly large opportunity missed.

Facebook is again the preferred channel for SMBs and large businesses advertising on social media. Around nine in ten have advertised on Facebook. The next most popular platform used for advertising has been Instagram – by 10% of small businesses, 22% of medium businesses and 30% of large businesses. Most businesses believe their social media advertising has been effective across all platforms used.

The statistics show us, not a surge in social and internet usage, as this has been the case for the last decade, but more a reminder that digital is king and social media is its kingdom. Australian businesses simply have to compete, promote and engage online to grow their customer base and empower their audience to, in turn, grow their own brand.

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