Avoid doing Search Marketing in a Silo

Search remains the most powerful entrance path to the Internet for the millions of people who conduct their search engine searches to find the websites and information that they are seeking. The landscape is increasingly competitive for advertisers as all businesses realise that the place to be is where the client is and that is online.

The obstacles to a successful search strategy are also becoming more complicated as advertisers have to dodge increased competition, increased noise from other advertisers, rising costs and undifferentiated messaging online just to name a few. With all these challenges abounding, one of the biggest mistakes a marketer can make is to isolate search marketing both from other online efforts and offline marketing.

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An Integrated Approach Online & Offline

How can a conversion on a website from your PPC efforts be attributed only to that final click? How do you know that the conversion did not result from seeing your banner ads on a one site and noticing your high rankings for certain keywords in the SERPs from your organic Google optimisation efforts?

In many organisations there appear to be wider degrees of separation where traditional marketing is completely separate from online marketing and then within the online team, SEO is handled exclusively to PPC. What this ultimately means that everyone is working in a silo, unintegrated brand messaging is competing online, and offline marketing efforts are not being supported in online campaigns.

It is important for all marketing activities to work cohesively towards a common goal. If there is a seasonal offer being promoted offline, a potential PPC campaign should be investigated to support this offline offering. What marketers and businesses alike need to understand is that the consumer does not operate in a silo and just because they may redeem the offer offline does not mean that they will not look for it online.

The same can be said for PPC and SEO integration. If your SEO efforts are coming off slowly and not reaping the desired results, why not invest in PPC to boost traffic levels and create a brand presence for those keywords? Additionally, if keyword jewels are found among PPC keywords, should they not be integrated into the SEO strategy?

Communication in an organisation remains integral to success – particularly in marketing agencies and big organisations where there are multiple stakeholders involved, who all need to be on the same page! Sometimes it feels like they are reading different books, nevermind being on a different page!

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