Baidu SEO – Your online gateway to China, as Australia’s leading digital marketing agency, is pleased to announce a website marketing service designed to help Australian businesses promote their products to China, through Baidu, Chinese largest and most popular search engine.

More than SEO, our Baidu Specialist will provide a complete online marketing plan and website solution to give your business the ideal platform to successfully promote and sell your products to China.

Why Should I Sell My Product to China?

China, one of the major global economic forces, is switching from a manufacturing market to a consumer led market.  The opportunity for your business to reach the 1.3 billion potential consumers in China is simply amazing.

Most of the young professionals consider imported products as safe, reliable, fashionable, high quality etc. And locals are crazy on purchasing anything which is not made in China. This is the best opportunity to get more sales than the Australian local market.

Why Should I Use Baidu SEO

You might not know, is the major search engine instead of Google. If you want to get your business searched online in China, you have to be listed in Baidu.

Baidu SEO is our new product to help Australian business owner to get their online shop listed in the first page of Baidu search result. This is not only providing you more traffic, but also getting more Chinese to know your brand.

Why Should I Choose

We have Chinese SEO Specialists sitting in our Melbourne based office. These will guarantee you are having:

  • Best Strategy according to the research on Chinese keywords and Chinese Market
  • Professional Chinese Content following the Baidu friendly website design
  • You will not have any problem of communicating with us in English
  • You can see us in our office and discuss your strategy in detail

Rather than SEO, we can provide you extra information about Chinese market and Chinese culture which will affect your business.

Call us now to get your business flying into the Chinese market.

FInd out more about our SEO services today.

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