Beginners Guide To SEO

Google & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide for the absolute beginner!

Our Google & Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide is the aimed at the absolute beginner – someone with no idea of what SEO is or what it does. This article covers some of the most common questions asked by SEO beginners and will give you a better idea of what’s involved.

Common questions on SEO for beginners

The first question is what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation (or optimization if you prefer the Americanized spelling!). To put it simply it is the process used to improve a websites visibility in Google searches and searches across other search engines including Yahoo and Bing i.e. a good SEO strategy gets your site ranked on Google and over time, pushes it higher in the rankings.

Second question, what does it cost? SEO costs nothing. There are paid search results called pay-per-click ads (namely Google AdWords) which you can bid for but that’s an entirely different field we will get to later. Beginning and managing SEO for your website is quite easy – even for absolute beginners. Making it work effectively however takes considerable time and effort and hard-earned expertise that comes from years of practice.

Next question, how do Google rankings work? Without getting too technical, when you search in Google for say ‘golf shoes’, Google displays what it believes to be the most relevant and authoritative sites for ‘golf shoes’. If you search ‘golf shoes Melbourne’ it will refine the search to Melbourne. There’s more to it but in a nutshell, that’s what happens.

So what do you need to do to get traffic? To get your site ranking, you need to make it relevant to whatever it is you sell – relevant in the eyes of Google and in the eyes of site visitors. A visually appealing, easy-to-use website is a great starting point. Then you write keyword-rich content geared towards attracting the attention of Google and potential visitors (for this example the keyword is ‘golf shoes’ and any other relevant products your next customers may be searching for eg ‘golf clubs’). Include these keywords in your site’s meta tags and title tags (if you don’t know how to, tell your site developer to do it!) and in headings, subheadings and general body content of your site. Do this and you have at least made a positive start.

Anything else? Yes. Your website will need links, inbound links from other sites. This is how Google determines if you are a relevant and worthwhile site to rank for your chosen industry and more specifically the keywords searched. Links should come from related businesses or organisations – government bodies tend to be the strongest in Google’s eyes. For the sake of our example, perhaps local golf course websites, your suppliers and business partners may provide links to your site. There is more to learn but this is just a Google optimisation starters guide – you can become an expert later.

How will all this benefit my website? If you have a business website you will want traffic to come to the site, which you can convert into sales. If you have a website and it’s not generating traffic and sales leads it’s much the same as having a well laid out retail store and always having the front door locked. SEO is the key to unlocking your virtual door and bringing potential customers flooding in!

If you have a site and don’t have an SEO strategy, the likelihood is that the money you invested in your website is going to waste. The real value of a website comes when you start ranking on page one of the Google search results, page two is rarely looked at, page three virtually never. Page one is just the starting point however, the real benefit comes from getting into the top three and ultimately to number one where the vast majority of the traffic goes.

If you don’t have the time or resources to commit, call the experts! have worked with search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques for ten years, helping over 1000 Australian businesses to get rankings, increase traffic and ultimately boost their bottom line. Visit our SEO page to find out more information on SEO. See how we’ve helped businesses from targeted Melbourne SEO strategies to Perth Search Marketing programs. We have never made a secret of SEO and our Starters Guide is further evidence we are here to help. Contact us today on 1300 650 274 and find out more about how we can put your business first and generate the maximum return on your online investment!


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