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Are you in the process of choosing a CMS platform for a new domain? Every CMS is different in terms of SEO capability and performance. Generally the more technical a CMS is, the harder it is to use, but also provides higher SEO capability. This makes it hard to judge as not only will your success depend on the requirements of your domain, competition of your industry, CMS you choose, but also your ability to employ all the fundamental features for SEO purposes. There is no clear winner.

Basic CMS SEO criteria include:

  • Custom title tags and Meta tags on all pages.
  • Extension URLs to be keyword specific. For example a location based page should read something like
  • The ability to add custom HTML tags
  • Image handling and alt tags
  • Pagination controls using no index and no follow controls

With these in mind some of the better performing CMS’s are as follows:


WordPress itself does not have too many SEO friendly features. However, it rates so high because of the amount of free plugins that you can get. These plugins take a simple WordPress website and turns it into an SEO machine.


Joomlas newest version (1.6) is quite SEO capable, at least compared to their previous versions. Some of the improvements in the newest version include SEO friendly URL’s and custom Meta titles and description for all pages and sections.


Drupal is seen as a similar platform as WordPress but is not as simple to use. Just like WordPress Drupal relies on plugins (modules as they call them) to make it SEO friendly, here you can find a good list of the SEO modules available on Drupal.


MODx lets you control 100% of the output without having to install plugins or learn how to alter HTML theme templates. MODx has been considered one of the easier and more beginner friendly content management systems. This is what MODx says about themselves:

MODX allows you to control 100% of what is output with virtually no effort. Unlike other systems that require learning complex theming engines, in MODX you work with HTML and as many custom variables for the site you need. It takes minutes to build a site that performs amazingly well in Search Engines and because site builders are in total control and can change the output at any time, making tweaks is just a few clicks away.”


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